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How Much Is Invisalign Without Insurance? – Full Price of Invisalign


Invisalign aligner’s treatment costs range from $2000 upwards to $7000, depending on unique personal requirements. Some of the considerations that may affect the cost of this treatment include the situation of the denture. The specific area, the specific orthodontic procedures that are necessary and the experience of the dentist.

One heartbreaking issue about invisalign aligners is that they are not covered by insurance for most of the time. If they get covered, the amount is just a small fraction of the total costs that will incur in this orthodontics procedure. Dental insurance normally covers general issues that include cooked teeth and sensitivity.

No Insurance Invisalign Cost

The median cost for invisalign aligners without insurance is around $5000 so you need to make sure to choose the right Bondi Junction Expert for the job. The exact amount may be higher or lower depending on the factor which we mentioned above. If one or two aligners for crooked teeth are necessary, this might cost less, unlike in scenarios where all your teeth will need to be corrected.

There are people whose problem is overbite, which needs to be treated sequentially before commencing on a comprehensive invisalign procedure. These extra procedures don’t come free, so you will need to pay for them.

The payment plan for invisalign

Because you will be the one to pay for cost, the dentist will discuss this with you and come up with an agreement before you start on the procedure. Remember that invisalign aligners take time to get them fitted and the costs are also higher. This is the reason why dental practitioners have their own payment plans that are both convenient and flexible for the patient. There are several payment methods which the dentist will present to you, and you should be able to choose one that works better for you.

How to get invisalign at cheaper prices

It’s possible to find cheap orthodontics treatments, but this will take you some time. The most appropriate place that you can start is by visiting several dentists who offer orthodontics service. Compare the cost of their service without insurance.

If you are lucky, you will be surprised that you can save a few hundred dollars. Fortunately, you can ask for cost estimates online these days and receive them in your email quickly without leaving your home. This helps to save you time since you can get all the information that you require within the shortest time possible.

Moreover, you can scout for discounted rates. Some experienced orthodontic practitioners offer huge discounts at certain times of the year, and although some of them may not be advertising this, it’s vital that you ask. Also, there are those who will not charge you for consultation, and may respond back with a cost estimate that is much lower than what you initially thought. So you should start researching hard before you choose the dentists that you will be visiting.


Invisalign without insurance is expensive. However, it’s possible to arrange for flexible payment plans with your dentist. If you pay on a monthly basis, the financial burden that will be placed on your shoulders will be reduced. And since this procedure takes several months or even years. You can spread your payment to cover the entire duration of the treatment.



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