How is Mediation Better Than Other Approaches to Divorce?


Divorce can be traumatizing and draining for the people involved in it. Opting for meditation relieves some of the pressure and stress involved in it. Mediation consists in discussing the details of the divorce in the presence of a third-party mediator. The person responsible for mediation is independent and without any biases. A mediator facilitates amicable splitting and helps to get legal advice.

Divorcing with the help of a mediator instead of a court has several perks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Stress is reduced.

Divorce hearings are very stressful for both parties due to the numerous meetings with lawyers, court presentations, etc. Mediation eliminates more than half of the complications involved in court divorces and promotes the concept of cooperation that benefits everyone. The mediator helps to bring both parties to an agreement and helps to resolve any problems caused by the emotional strain between the spouses. As a result of this, decision-making with clarity is facilitated.

  • Cost-effective.

Hiring a mediator instead of a court divorce reduces half of the costs. There is no requirement for expensive divorce attorneys for mediation. The mediator is generally a legal professional appointed by the court. The mediator simplifies the process, and hence the expenses are reduced.

  • It requires less time.

Mediation is way more flexible and less time-consuming than complex divorce cases. Proceedings for divorce can take months. On the other hand, divorce can be sorted through mediation in five to ten weeks. The key benefit of mediation is that it is a simple procedure that includes negotiation and creating solutions, provides flexibility, and ensures cooperation between the two parties. It helps reduce tension and dissatisfaction, common in poorly managed divorces. As a result, the spouses end things on amicable terms, and the process of splitting assets and child custody gets less disputable and more peaceful.

  • Confidentiality is maintained.

The process of mediation helps in the preservation of privacy. If you are a private person, getting a mediator for your divorce can help you avoid public hearings in the courtroom. This helps to keep the details of your marriage away from the public eye.

  • Child-friendly

Mediation is a good approach for your child. Custody battles in court can be very traumatizing for your kids. Mediation focuses on taking cooperative measures to resolve the issues and peacefully deal with the divorce. Visitation and custody are decided mutually without bitterness or dispute, eliminating testification by children in court and protecting them from the harsh courtroom environment.

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