How do you create an online lead magnet?

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How do you create an online lead magnet? It is good to know that most SME websites in 2021 still resemble a folder / online business card. There are not that many who are able to continuously bring in new leads, prospects.

What would it be like if leads presented themselves ‘automatically’ online via your website? Less cold acquisition is needed and there is a direct increase of ‘warm’ contacts. The dream of every SME!

How do you generate your leads?

  1. Cold telephone call?
  2. Direct mail promotions?
  3. Networking / breakfast sessions?
  4. Through events, such as trade fairs?
  5. Or just over the internet?

Generate online leads at low cost:

All ways to generate quality leads can work well! My experience is that generating leads via your own website is often very cost-efficient and the efforts for employees in your company are significantly less.  And most leads / prospects almost all search online for a solution to their problem / dilemma. In the ideal situation, the leads present themselves ‘automatically’ via your website. That would be nice!

Transform your website into a lead magnet:

Are you ready for a way to generate more online leads for your company with less budget? Then this article is definitely for you. I wrote this article for SMEs that want to generate leads more easily.

Turn your website into a lead magnet in 4 steps:

1.     Start with positioning:

Everyone knows or But SME websites often do not enjoy this fame. It is often the case that as much as 80% or more of the visitors are a ‘new visitor’ to SME websites. So, they will be on a new website for the first time, they’ve never been here before!

Where am I? What can I expect from this site/company here? Can I find what I’m looking for here? Why should I stay here at all? These are questions that your new visitors then run into…

An important part of conversion optimization is positioning.

This means it is very important to make the nature of your website clear to your online visitors, in every pixel! That the answers to the questions just now are immediately clear! That you don’t have to look for it.

Make this clear, preferably in a fixed place on your website (visible on every page), for example in the website header! This also includes placing beautiful wood carving USPs (unique selling points).

I usually use about four of them. Not generic (good service, low hourly rate), but tailor-made, exactly appropriate for you as an SME. Do you already have USPs on your website?

You can also integrate these USPs and other positioning well in the website texts, in your email signature, in your footer, in promotional blocks, etc. Building positioning / awareness. Betting on positioning is an important step in generating online leads.

2.     Using qualitative traffic channels

Many SME websites may have quite a few visitors, but how qualitative are they really? For example, many companies work with affiliate marketing or quickly put together a Google Ads campaign and a lot of work with display ads, but who comes after that? And what are these visitors really doing? How long do they stay and what is the bounce rate of these channels?

Nothing or hardly anything!

The higher the quality of the visitor, the greater the chance that he will convert (do something: such as a quote request, phone call, filling in the contact form, etc.).

Low-quality visitors provide few real hard online results. They bounce quickly and have a low session duration.

Where do visitors come from?

There are many traffic channels to attract visitors: Google Ads, social media, affiliate marketing, targeted advertising, via the newsletter, etc. All great channels, but it turns out that (new) visitors that come in via Google / search engines are often the highest quality. And this channel can usually easily be stretched quite a bit.

Here the most common traffic channels in order of quality (1 = qualitative, 7 = least qualitative). (This can vary per domain; this is an average.)

  1. Google Organic (SEO)
  2. Google Ads / shopping
  3. Newsletters (may be more qualitative, if it is a special offer)
  4. Referring websites (may also be lower, depending on the referrers)
  5. Social media (in terms of building brand awareness this is fine, but when I look purely at conversion, this channel often contributes little)
  6. Display ads (part of Google Ads, advertising through display ads)
  7. Affiliate marketing

Organic visitors often the most qualitative (SEO visitors)

From my more than 14 years of experience as an online growth consultant, I see that organic findability (i.e., via Google / search engines without paying per click) is often the most qualitative traffic channel.

All other channels can serve as an excellent supplement, but in practice it is visible that most requests for SMEs come through the organic channel (SEO).

3. Set up your website for SEO / organic findability

In this article I am going to generate online leads via your own website with organic findability as a basis, purely because this channel is often the most qualitative.

All other channels are fine, but I’m now focusing on the channel that I see often works best.

 Smart Keyword Clusters

In 4 StepsBeing found well in the search engines (especially Google) means making a translation to your offer (possibly already sharpened during the preparation of the internet marketing strategy). It is important here that we mainly look at keywords with the following aspects:

  • The qualitative click with your business
  • The feasibility of getting really high in Google
  • The competition
  • The search volume
  • Landing pages

As soon as it is clear what the best keywords are for your company (taking into account the aspects just mentioned), landing pages should be created for each keyword cluster. A landing page is a page for Google and for your future lead magnet.

Cluster page

A cluster page not only contains the most important keywords, but also related keyword combinations. So that this page will score in Google on a multitude of words. It is therefore also useful to create a real, long, valuable page for this. Preferably of 700 words or more.

4. Generate leads by making your website more effective

Online effectiveness, also called ‘conversion optimization’, means the stimulation to take an action (an application, a completed online form, a call, etc.) on your website. Every visitor who takes such an action is a conversion (online goal).

So everything in the website should have the function of turning visitors into leads / customers.

The visitor understands what it is about, becomes interested in reading further, and ultimately converts.

Very important in online lead generation for SMEs. Ingredients that make this happen:

  • Offer a valuable donor:

Something valuable that every visitor wants (e-book, white paper, free advice, etc.).

  • Provide top design:

You don’t have to deviate / stand out, as long as everything looks neat and intuitive. Often websites that are very graphic are not well suited as lead magnets.

  • Make clear what the USPs:

Preferably 4 sharply formulated USPs: unique selling points that tell exactly what this website is about.

  • Address the target audience:

Very focused: ‘you’ instead of ‘we’. All content on your website is there for your visitors!

  • Does the online content:

Make sure that content is readable, no long paragraphs and dosed per page, so that visitors can easily scan (most visitors do not read / poorly).

  • Provide attractive navigation items:

Finally, make sure there are items in your navigation that have suction (a free offer, benefits, etc.).

  • Use beautiful CTAs (calls to action):

Provide a website script of CTAs and internal links that help guide visitors through the website (also very good for a lot of internal linking).

  • Build persuasion:

Enticing web texts seduce, warm up and express recognition… And are mainly about the result of what you offer instead of the process / the content of what you offer.

These are four important aspects that will ensure that your website will manifest itself as a top online lead magnet!

Follow these tips and the online lead generation will really start.

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