How do I create a React Native app from scratch?

React Native app

Mobile apps are important for successful business operations today and it helps you maintain a proper relationship with customers. Which app development platform to select out of all? The React Native app development process is the renowned one that can deliver you functional apps.

The blog provides a step-by-step tutorial on creating a React Native project from the installation of the required software. It also describes the dependencies required to ensure quality React Native apps. Get started with React Native with proper installation of Expo CLI or React Native CLI and Android Studio. Develop a React Native app on your own with the guidance provided in the blog or even consult with a reputed professional.

What is React Native? What are the differences between Expo CLI vs React Native CLI?

In 2015, Facebook came up with the open-source cross-platform mobile application development framework, known as React Native. All kinds of developers like to use the platform for creating different mobile apps. The popularity of the development platform is ever-growing since its inception. Reports show that more than 60% of the developers are using React Native to develop their business apps.

React Native app development is the best choice if you desire cross-functional apps for the business. It has been considered a suitable alternative to Flutter, the open-source platform developed by Google. Instead of using messages from HTML or CSS, React Native is using JavaScript threads. It is also supporting the app developers to write native codes in Java for Android and Swift for IOS. The platform is offering the kind of flexibility desired by modern-day app development platforms. Develop a React Native app that has superb functionalities as per the requirement of the business house.

The two best ways of getting started with React Native are Expo CLI and React Native CLI. Are you new to app development? It is recommended to get started with Expo CLI to ensure smooth adaptation to the app development process. React Native CLI is the built-in feature that assists in taking control of the local projects. It also helps to create and run the apps in the right way. Expo CLI is having a set of tools built around React Native and it needs a version of Node.js to get started. Build a React Native app by hiring a professional development team with relevant experience in the field.

React Native App Development Process


The first thing is to install Node.js and it will ensure the installation of NPM with it! Developers need to also install Expo as it provides a set of tools to make the development process simpler.

Use the command to install Expo run –

Npm install –g expo-cli

Now the installation of Expo Go needs to be done on the phone and it is available for both IOS & Android. With the installation, it becomes simple to test the apps directly on the phone as the changes are introduced.

Setup Project

Run the following command in the terminal to create a new React Native mobile app development project –

Expo init todolist

Choose ‘blank’ when asked to choose the kind of project you want to create. The project will be set up now with the minimum installation of dependencies needed to create a React Native app.

Once the setup is complete, change the directory of the project as –

Cd todolist

Installation of Expo CLI or React Native CLI

To use it, you need Node 12 LTS or later for the local devices. NPM needs to be used for installing the Expo CLI command-line utility –

npm install –g -cli

For installing React Native CLI, you need a JDK, and either the Xcode or Android Studio. Install the Node and run the commands in a Terminal –

brew install node

brew install watchman

React Native has built-in command-line interfaces. Instead of installing & managing the specific version of CLI globally, it is recommended to access the current version at runtime with npx that ships with Node.js.

Install Xcode for Mac OS and Android Studio

Use the Mac App Store to install the Xcode and it will ensure the running of the IOS Simulator. Make sure that the current version of the installed Xcode is 9.4 or newer. First, install ‘Command Line Tools’ for Xcode and then choose ‘Preferences’ from the menu. Now move to the ‘Locations’ panel and install the relevant tools.

It is time for the installation of Android Studio. Download it from the right source and install it on your system. Choose the ‘Custom’ setup and make sure that you tick the boxes of Android SDK, Android SDK platform, and Android Virtual Device.

Install IDEs

Select the relevant editor or IDE of your choice to do the relevant app development using React Native. You can use Visual Coke Studio, Atom, Sublime Text, IntelliJ, and others. The choice of the editor is as per the developers and once the setup is done, one can start the app development process.

Creating the React Native app from Scratch

Run the command to start your initial project with Expo CLI –

expo init FirstProject

cd FirstProject

npm start

Once the setup for Android Studio or Xcode is done, it is time to launch the app on the Android virtual device –

npm run android

Run the code on the simulator –

npm run ios

Setting up of React Native Project on CI/CD

React Native is a versatile stack, but the creation of apps can be complex if you do it yourself on the blank server. It has components that need to be installed before starting the build process. The steps included are – provisional installation, IOS installation, Android dependencies, module dependencies, and others.

Find the suitable CI/CD sources to set up the React Native app and start the app development process. Make sure you know the use of workflow and thus build, test, & publish the artifacts of the Android and IOS builds.

Statistics and Graphs Related to React Native App Development

React Native has been the most popular mobile app development platform last year among others in the category. The graphs show the rising popularity of the platform each year in comparison to others. The data is collected after collecting views from the market leaders, developers, and business heads. Developers are finding it easier to build and maintain cross-platform apps with React Native.


React Native is the best alternative to different other platforms existing in the market. Develop a React Native app to suit the business needs and thus take the help of reputed professionals for it! The app development platform is continuously leaving a mark on the developers as it gains popularity in cross-platform solutions. Reach out to React Native app developers who can use the components to get started with the platform and thus launch the app.

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