How do I choose a good wallet for men?

wallet for men

There are two things to take care of when you are buying a biker wallet or any regular wallet. Those two things are- functionality and presentability. Let’s jump right into these to find out how to choose a good wallet for men.

Choosing a good wallet for men is easy!

Wallet functionality

What do we mean by this? I mean your wallet’s ability to do what it needs to do. And for a lot of us it is keeping cash.

Other things you should carry in your wallet- Identity cards, Credit cards, Business cards, Photos. Here are some of the things you want to leave you to avoid gorging on fat wallets- library cards, discount cards, medical cards, social security cards, coins, receipts.

A lot of you are carrying receipts that are even 5 years old. So, sort out your wallet regularly. You may be using some of the discount cards everyday, in that case, carry the one which you regularly use but a lot of you even carry discount cards of a store where you haven’t even shopped in the last 6 months.

Now let us quickly explore wallet types:

How to choose the right wallet for the right job?

  • Understand your needs
  • Don’t hesitate to carry multiple wallets. For example, if you are the guardian of your family and are carrying the passports of other family members, then there’s nothing wrong with having a passport wallet along with a cash wallet.
  • Leather wallet is always better than a synthetic wallet.
  1. Most common type which 90 to 95% of people use is a billfold wallet. Now, there can be variations and people may have wallets that suit them like, a billfold wallet is available with three tiny outer slots for guitar picks. So, it will suit a guitarist but may not be for you.
  2. Sports wallets are available for guys who spend a lot of time outdoors. These have zippers so that your cash or cards don’t pop out of the wallet when you are running or doing exercise and there’s velcro to seal the wallet. These wallets are water resistant too if not waterproof.
  3. For travelers, they want wallets which have to do with passports. So, wallets specifically of a passport size are available for travelers. You may also need to carry multiple travel tickets and even sim cards to be able to use in another country. These are big wallets with the size of a small notebook.

You should be careful with these big wallets though as you are not accustomed to something this big and it has happened to me numerous times that I left it on the ticket counter. So, don’t forget it!

Roomy wallets are available for a lot of credit card holders too. Here you can tuck a lot of cards if you spend too much time and if you are jumping between countries then you can also tuck in some local currencies of the country you are going to visit next.

What we suggest is, to get a slim wallet. As the bigger wallet you have, the more you tend to carry. You will start carrying all kinds of bills and cash even if you can use payment cards. If you want a completely minimal thing then a money clipper is the best idea.

Money clipper is basically not even a wallet. It is used only to carry a few bucks and credit or debit cards that too preferably one or two only. And yeah, your driver’s license if you wish. With it, you’re not gonna have a wallet mark on the back of your pants.

You do not want a George Constanza Wallet. Just google it and you will know about it. It is almost like a notebook!

  1. If you do business travels in your suit then I’d recommend a slim passport wallet. These are very minimal wallets which can be kept in the pocket of your blazer or suit and won’t put a lot of bulk on you. Carry minimal amount of cash and cards or passport in it.
  2. If you want something casual in nature and wish to carry a bit more, then you can use a three fold wallet. In our country India, we have to deal in cash in small shops and other places. We cannot use credit cards everywhere here. So, you can get a three fold here.


It has three parts and that’s why it is called a three fold wallet.

What I want to convey is that you want to have one single wallet if you have the purposes mentioned above. If you are into these things then you need to keep multiple wallets but if you just stay in the town then a billfold or three fold wallet might just be fine for you.

So, that was all on how to find the perfect wallet on the basis of your needs. Aside wallets, you may choose some other motorcycle riding gear too and we have got you covered. You will find everything here, you name it, we have it!

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