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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence is the habitual inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This problem, which affects both men and their partners, can lead to significant emotional disorders if it is not resolved. Do you want to discover natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction?

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual impotence is understood as the inability to obtain and maintain an erection sufficient to carry out sexual intercourse. In sexual arousal, the brain, the hormonal, nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems are involved.

In this way, the reasons that explain this problem are very varied and can often occur together.

  • Physical problems related to any disease or health condition: high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol or sleep disorders.
  • Taking certain medications.
  • Low testosterone levels.
  • Surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area and the spinal cord.
  • Psychological causes that can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction : depression, anxiety, stress, complexes, low self-esteem.
  • Smoking, alcohol and other drug abuse.

When erection problems occur spontaneously, they do not have to be related to a health problem. However, if they occur frequently, they affect self-confidence or cause stress and worry; It should be reason for a medical consultation.

Remedies to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

If there are previous diseases that generate this situation, it is important to establish the appropriate treatment to, in this way, improve erection problems. There are also specific treatments (oral drugs and other options) depending on the cause and severity.

There are also some supplements and herbal remedies that offer good results. Here is the list of best known ED remedies.

  • Maca

Maca is an Andean tuber native to Peru. There it is consumed as food. However, it is becoming more and more popular around the world as a supplement since it is a very energetic food.

According to this study by the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, maca acts as a natural hormonal regulator , both for men and women, regardless of the existing disorder. It should be taken every day to observe the desired effects.

Keep in mind that some people can be a little nervous. Of course, like other components, maca is not recommended to be taken during pregnancy, lactation, or in any disease that has a hormonal component (including different types of cancer).

  • L-arginine

This amino acid acts as a vasodilator and increases the diameter of blood vessels. In this way it is possible to promote the erection. There is scientific evidence on its use as a supplement to improve erectile dysfunction due to physical causes.

It is generally considered a safe supplement, although it should not be used if taking blood pressure medication.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko biloba is a plant with multiple medical uses. Its main virtue is the ability to oxygenate the body, especially the extremities. For this reason, it is prescribed to improve brain disorders, poor circulation in the hands and feet and to promote good blood flow to the genitals . This is confirmed by this study carried out by the Clinical University of RWTH Aachen (Germany).

However, gingko biloba should not be taken for more than 3 months in a row . In order for it to continue to have an effect and not be harmful, it is necessary to take breaks and consume it seasonally. You can rest for 1 or 2 months and take it again, or combine it with other supplements. Consult your doctor about it.

  • Oatmeal

Another natural remedy recommended to treat erectile dysfunction is oatmeal. This food contains avenacosides and L-arginine, two components that balance testosterone levels and improve the irrigation of the blood vessels of the male sexual system. This is confirmed by this study carried out by the Gleneagles Hospital (Singapore).

Plus, oatmeal can help in two complementary ways. On the one hand, it calms the nervous system, combating disorders such as stress and anxiety. On the other, it provides a large amount of energy and vitality without overstimulating.

  • Kamagra

Kamagra is the most well-known and widely used erectile dysfunction drug (blue pill). It is manufactured by Ajanta pharmaceutical a trustworthy organization that allows you to acquire high-quality Kamagra medications without a prescription swiftly and safely. Thanks to the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate, which helps main erection for up to 6 hours. You can buy Kamagra from online pharmacy at a low cost and with complete discretion. Price of Kamagra starts from 15Eur for a pack of four pills.

  • Honey and cinnamon

The combination of honey and cinnamon is an ancient remedy for many ills. Among them, it is a quick and effective solution to increase libido in men, according to this study conducted by the Jordan University of Science and Technology.

When choosing cinnamon, we must make sure that it is from Ceylon, as suggested by this research carried out by the Islamic Azad University (Iran). This is the variety with the most medicinal properties and which does not imply risks when consumed in large quantities.

  • Foods with zinc in the diet to treat erectile dysfunction

To date, there are few studies on the role of diet in erectile dysfunction, although it is known that some nutrients play a key role in this regard. Zinc is one of them , as it is involved in the body’s ability to form testosterone.

In this sense, meat, seafood, legumes, pumpkin seeds, almonds or oats cannot be missing from the diet.

  • Physical exercise

A remedy that is easy to apply but with proven positive results. Recent studies show that moderate to vigorous aerobic activity can have positive effects. It is even a healthy habit to prevent its possible appearance.

Natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction

As we have seen, there are some natural alternatives that can help improve this problem. However, there are many more products on the market that are sold as alternatives to conventional treatment but that could be counterproductive.

For this reason, it is recommended, in all cases, to obtain good information and consult a specialist about its suitability. This is important if you are on medical treatment or if you have a chronic disease (such as diabetes or heart problems).

It is also interesting to know that apart from a specific treatment, some changes in lifestyle are essential. They may even help lower the risk of long-term affliction. For this reason it is advisable to avoid alcohol consumption, stop smoking, increase physical activity and maintain a healthy weight. It is also positive to deal with mental and emotional problems and stress.

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