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Healthy Lunch Catering Menu Ideas for Events at Your Office

Healthy Lunch

Are you thinking of organizing a lunch party in your office? If so, then you have landed on the right page! Well, it’s not an easy task to order lunch for the entire office. And it becomes more complex when it’s a group Healthy Lunch event in your office.    

We are here to make this easier for you!

Coming up with lunch box catering ideas will please your employees. You can go according to everyone’s taste buds, but adding some important items to the catering menu can help you out. 

We can help you to organize a truly memorable and exciting office lunch. Below is the list of out-of-the-box ideas for the lunch menu.

Best Corporate Event Catering Menu Ideas

Every office has some fitness freaks, vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians. So, while deciding on a corporate office catering menu, make sure to include the food preferences of all employees. Here are some menu ideas that can help you to treat the office staff.

1. Salads

Mostly, people like salad because it is nutritious and healthy. It is the best and most versatile catering option for office lunch that you can try. 

Don’t forget to add it to your menu! 

Salad comprises calcium, phytonutrients, Vitamins, and folic acids, which prevent many chronic diseases. Also, the fiber present in a salad is best for improving the digestive health of a person.

There are different types of salads to add on the menu;  

  • Pasta salad 
  • Leafy green salad 
  • Greek salad 
  • Cobb salad 
  • Chicken salad 
  • Fruit salad 

2. Fruits

Whether your team likes vegan food, veggies, or they love non-vegetarian meals, everyone likes fruits. It’s maybe a basic choice on the menu, but it’s still a complimentary dish.

With the other food, fruits can also work as a dessert. Moreover, if you need to be a little artsy with the fruits, then there is an option.

  • Ask your caterer to roll out the fruit and present it in a beautifully artistic way.
  • Also, they can decorate platters with fruits like your company’s logo.
  • If there is a cocktail bar in your office, then a fruit platter kept along will be a bonus.
  • Furthermore, there is one more idea; you can serve fruit salad in shot glasses as a dessert on the table.

3. Hot Chicken

It’s one of the popular dishes you can serve to the non-vegetarian. A little heat can turn fried chicken into an extraordinary meal. Adding some spices would make it a better food option to serve on the table.  

Hot chicken shacks have been a popular meal among countries for decades. However, some people like to have milder versions of hot chicken, while others love the stuffed and spicy chicken. So, serve both versions of hot chicken for your employees.

4. Finger food

Finger foods consist of low saturated fats, and it’s a little appetizer to enjoy in a lunch box catering to the office. It includes; savory chickpeas, lettuce wraps, and wholegrain wraps which offer delicious flavors to the meal.

So, choose it to serve some healthy and tasty dips that go well with your finger food platters, such as; soy sauce, hummus, black bean dip, and guacamole.

Finger foods are tiny snacks to make office lunch more enjoyable. Also, your employees can carry these snacks in the workspace.

5. Poke

Don’t worry; Poke is not going to be considered a “raw seafood salad.” 

Poke is a well-known latest Hawaiian food fad. It is diced raw fish that is served either as a main course or an appetizer. It is one of the major dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine.

This dish creates joy among foodies, and it combines the parts of sushi and spice. For corporate event catering, it’s a healthier option. Moreover, if presented traditionally, this dish will look amazingly approaching.

Traditional Poke includes Maui onions, cubed raw fish, limu, inamona, green onions, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

6. Healthy sandwiches 

Adding sandwiches to your office lunch is the delicious and healthiest option. 

Sandwiches are known as lunchtime staples. These are easy to eat anywhere as well as easy to digest (if stuffed in the healthiest way). So, in your lunch box catering, don’t forget to add the most lovable item.

Check out some healthy sandwich ideas: 

Stuff fruits and vegetables inside bread 

You can add tomato, zucchini slices, water chestnuts, and cucumber to the vegetables. On the other hand, honeydew, thin-sliced cantaloupe, apple, and pears can be stuffed inside the sandwich.

Choose lean protein 

You can add protein to the sandwiches. And meat could be a part of the healthy sandwich. But select healthy proteins such as; fish, turkey tuna, or sliced chicken. Further, use natural peanut or almond butter for making its base.

7. Noodle boxes in-office lunch

Well, adding noodle boxes to your office lunch party is a nutritious and cost-effective option. It contains a particular amount of food for each person. Also, it provides a stack of energy in the noon time and ahead.

You can choose either vegetarian or non-vegetarian noodle box options. Ensure giving different choices to your office staff.

8. Soup or juices 

Soups and juices are delicious liquid elements and keep the stomach light.

In a soup, you can choose from vegetables, chickpea noodles, or chicken soup.

There are many choices in juices, like you can add any fruit juice or vegetable juice such as; cucumber, pineapple, lemon, apple, etc. Adding the right amount of sugar in juice and less spices in soup promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Undoubtedly, soaping and juicing both satisfy hunger and are healthy for your body. Try out offering a health liquid to your office staff. They will surely love it. 

final thoughts

Hopefully, you have liked the menu ideas we have listed above. Adding these items to your office lunch party will make the event memorable. Also, throwing a lunch party will provide a good interaction chance for your employees.

When choosing a corporate catering in Melbourne make sure they have customization flexibility. The catering company must allow customers to add and eliminate food items from the menu.

Good luck organizing your next corporate lunch!

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