What does a garter tattoo symbolize?

Garter tattoos

Garter tattoos are a symbol of women’s beauty. Women make these Garter tattoos to enhance their beauty. The craze of grater tattoo became famous in the Victorian era, women have used stocks, silk, satin, and other clothes to enhance the beauty of the feminine.

In an earlier stage garter, ties-up is used but after it becomes inelastic form. Lace garter belts are the best choice for women; it lasts till the 1900s. Later, instead of a garter belt  the garter tattoos more famous among the women

Women have used tattoos of jewelry like bracelets and rings which are now famous. It is considered a symbol of high social status. Nowadays women wear different tattoos to increase their feminine beauty.

Great Garter Tattoo ideas

Following are some Garter tattoos ideas that will make you more charming.

  1. Simple Garter Tattoos

It is the most simple type of garter tattoo and it will be made on your thigh and you can use the color or just do black color.

2. Flower Style Garter Tattoos

This design is made with some flower tattoos as flowers are too close to each other so you can make tattoos using different designs of flowers.

3. Garter Tattoo with a bow

Women are designed a garter tattoo with a style of a bow and it looks more elegant and raises the charm of any woman, you can also fill these bows with different colors or just outline the black color.

4. Gun garter tattoo ideas

Gun garter tattoo shows the bravery of any woman, you can use a stylish gun style in your tattoo design, it looks like the woman is strong. She is not dependable on others.

5. Lace style Garter Tattoo

It is made just like a lace design. It looks delicate and beautiful and shows the softness of a woman, as you can use colors to fill it or just do a black, brown outline.

6. Ribbon Style Garter Tattoo

Ribbon styles garter tattoos show the elegance of a woman and with this tattoo, you look adorable and very nice. It is also made with different colors as per your choice and just use black or any dark color.

7. Jewellery Garter Tattoo

This tattoo design with the help of different beads and motifs, like a jewelry style, looks like real jewelry. It shows the softness and the delicateness of women, you can use different colorful motifs, beads, or any other thing like this to make it more charming.

8. Style with a knife garter Tattoo

Womer is also used to make a knife within the design of garter tattoos which shows the strongness of a woman or her independence of her. You can use different dark colors for this purpose.

9. Diamond style Garter Tattoos

Diamond is the weakness of every woman, and women have used diamond shapes in their tattoos to show their high status in society. It shapes are made by using colors also.

10. 2D or 3D Tattoos

It is the latest method to make a tattoo look real,  2D, 3D tattoos are more famous now due to their look like the original.

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Final Remarks

Garter Tattoo is used to enhance the elegance and attractiveness of any woman, they look more charming and add beauty to women.

Women use different ideas that are mentioned above to look more beautiful and attractive. Using different colors also looks more adorable in garter tattoos.

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