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Five Smart Ways to Add Extravagance to Your New Rental Space

Rental Space

Have you rented a new apartment or house? If yes, you must be thinking about how to decorate it and make it appear extravagant. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do with rental space. 

Thus, you need to be smart when decorating your rental apartment or house. The following are a few additions that you can make without wasting your money. You can take all these things along whenever you plan to change your living space. Have a look: 

Floating Shelves 

The first thing that you need to do is get some floating shelves made for your new rental space and get rid of the old traditional cabinets. Floating shelves are cost-effective and they look amazing. 

They can add a contemporary look to your space without consuming a lot of space, unlike the old traditional cabinets. Just make sure to select the color of the wood wisely. Wood comes in many shades and the one you choose must go with the theme of your house. 

New Lighting 

Whether you stay here for years or switch the house within a year, you can always take the lights along. Thus, there’s no harm in splurging. Not to mention, the lighting in your house has a huge impact on its decor. Therefore, I suggest you add a few ceiling lamps and chandeliers around, one in each room.

Plus, be sure to keep a few floor lamps around. They not only enhance the decor of your house but also add oomph to it. However, you must have a power backup for this. Invest in a 4000-watt inverter generator for a pocket-friendly solution. 

Area Rugs 

Following a theme when decorating a house is mandatory, but it often becomes monotonous when you keep following a theme. One way to get rid of that monotony is by adding area rugs to your space, and when speaking of adding extravagance to your space, Persian rugs come in handy. 

A bright-hued area rug can add a pop of color to your rental space without costing you a lot of money. Not to forget, it’s all yours. You can take it along wherever you go next; thus, it’s an investment worth making. 


Another thing that never fails you is the artwork. Make sure to splurge when buying paintings or sculptures. Remember that art has the power to change everything. It can make your rental space look luxurious in the blink of an eye. 

If you have budget restrictions, you can purchase posters and get them framed. The second option is to visit a thrift shop and buy expensive things for a cheaper price. You can always get the frames repolished or changed; thus, don’t worry about anything being rusted.

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Indoor Plants

Last but not least, indoor plants can make a massive difference. Not only are they calming for your mind, but they also contribute well to the decor of your house. The great thing is that they can naturally make your house soothing and relaxing for you. 

Anything that contributes to the comfort of your house is important. Just be sure to choose the plants carefully. Get those who naturally repel bugs and rodents. Since you’re going to keep them indoors, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to take any chances, or would you? 

Make these mini additions to your new rental space and I’m confident they’ll add luxury to it. I hope it helps you out. Good day, my pals!

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