Five Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Feet At Home


Walking thousands of steps make us exposed to all types of dirt, pollution, and stress. Therefore they deserve their share of care of Feet for boosting the overall health and making them look pretty. By following few easy steps, one can easily keep the feet healthy and try manifesting better lifestyle goals. With little patience and effort at home, you can avoid spending your weekend sitting in a salon for a Pedicure Treatment. Here’s how you can practice an ideal foot care routine for having happy feet every day!

Easy to Follow Tips to Look After Your Feet from Home

Wash Your Feet Daily 

After coming back home from somewhere, give the feet a good wash by soaking them in lukewarm water or wipe them off with a damp clean cloth. With going here and here, feet usually get dirty and tanned. Wash and dry  thoroughly after taking or shower or while practicing Skin and DIY Beauty Care. The skin of the feet gets dry after washing, so to keep it soft and supple, always apply a foot cream to moisturize as this will keep cracked heels away. You can soak your feet in water that will loosen the hard skin and later make the exfoliation process easy and pain-free.  

Get Rid of Dead Skin 

Practice good foot hygiene by scrubbing the feet to get rid of the dead skin cells. Right after a shower or washing, take a Pumice Stone and gently rub the area where the skin looks dry or cracked. Using At-Home Pedicure Tools like Pumice Stone or Foot File helps to remove callus, dry and dead skin and leave you with soft skin. Moreover, trim your toenails from time to time using a Nail Clipper and use a Nail File to smooth the corners of the nail bed. This will help to prevent the nail from growing on the skin.

Wear Comfortable Footwear 

Another way to treat your feet right is by wearing the right pair of shoes or footwear. Premium quality sandals, sneakers, or slippers that fit in perfectly are the key secret to healthy feet as they keep the heels pain-free, and comfortable, and avoid torn skin and corns. Pick the ones that let air pass through to keep your sweat-free and prevent shoe bites. Always check for the footwear that provides the right sole balance and ease while walking or running. 

Remove the Color from Toenails 

Our bare fingernails are exposed to a lot of contaminants hence cleaning them regularly is a must thing which also includes removing stains of old nail paint. Stick to the habit of getting off a nail color after some time, especially cleaning the edges of nails to avoid staining. Let your nails be like that for a few days so that they can breathe freely and before coloring them with nail paint, apply a topcoat that works as a protective sheath against chipping and yellowing. 

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Examine Your Feet Regularly 

Often while walking or running, we end up hurting our toenails and fingers which is undoubtedly painful. In any such scenario, make a habit of checking your feet for any injuries or blisters. Due to tight shoes or sleeping in the wrong posture, feet get sore or swelled which can later become a foot injury. If the problem persists further, check with a doctor for the proper treatment instead of initiating one yourself. 

Get healthy and pretty feet with these simple steps, that won’t even cost you a single penny! 

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