9 Easy Way to Get Factory Reset Canon Printer Error

factory reset Canon printer

factory reset Canon printer: Like any other device, the Canon printer is prone to issues and errors. One example is an offline printer error. This signifies that the printer, as well as the computer, are not able to connect.

Because the printer is working, when it is connecting with a network as well as the device, an error with the settings can cause Canon offline printer error. It can be very frustrating to view the status as offline, especially when you’re in the middle of a crucial task.

If printing isn’t as effortless, it could be very frustrating to resolve. However, you should be aware that the error caused by the printer offline is very common, and you can fix the Canon printer offline error yourself through factory reset Canon printer.

What causes the Canon printer to stop working?

Canon printer offline issue signifies that the printer is not able to connect to the computer and will therefore not function until you change it to online status. Many reasons can trigger this error. It usually occurs when the cables are defective or damaged. In addition, outdated or defective drivers might be the reason the Canon printer might stop working. Most of the time, it is possible to fix this issue by following troubleshooting strategies like factory reset Canon printer.

What Causes Canon Printer Offline Problem?

If you’re seeing the status of your printer as offline on your Canon then it’s obvious that your printer isn’t in a position to receive commands from your computer. The issue is due to many reasons. Some of them are listed below.

When the settings default to aren’t set correctly, it could cause a printer to be an offline issue. Make sure that select the Canon printer is selected as the default. An issue with the printer’s spooler may be the cause of this offline problem. If the printer is configured offline, it could cause this problem. Paper jamming is another reason that could cause the offline error on this Canon printer. Make sure that your paper is properly placed into the paper tray. If the wi-fi signal or the internet isn’t strong enough, the offline issue might happen. Loose or faulty connectivity between printers and computers could cause the offline issue.

How to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Offline Issue?

In this article, we’ve discussed a few of the most common Canon problems with printers and solutions. If you require urgent help and you have already attempted following the guidelines for starting. We suggest getting in contact with our team for assistance.


How can you get your printer to work again?

Canon Printer offline error can be quickly fixed through the following basic troubleshooting procedures. Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish to resolve an offline issue in your printer.

Start the printer spooler. You can cancel the print jobs that are in the queue. Reinstall the driver for your printer. Restart the device.

How do I set up for my Canon printing device without wi-fi?

If you wish for your printer to be connected connecting via wi-fi, you can do that. All you have to do is connect your printer through the access point on the printer. If your internet connection becomes not available, then you have to utilize web services to connect the printer.

Check the Printer Connections

As previously mentioned, damaged and lost connections is the most frequent cause of Canon printer offline errors. There are some things to be sure the connection between your printer and computer is in order.

Check that all USB cables are connected correctly and connected to the appropriate port. Reconnect the USB cables, if needed. Make sure whether the Canon printer model is installed on the system to determine if it to ensure it is the correct model. Check that your printer’s connected to the correct wi-fi network. Also, ensure that the computer and the printer have the same wifi. If you’re connected to a wireless printer, verify the network connection properly.

Check Canon Printer Settings

You can examine the printer’s settings through the control panel on Windows and Mac. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to solve your Canon printer offline error as a result of a configuration problem.

Restarting the router can resolve any network-related problem. Check the settings, and then for the presence of your printers online. Be sure to clear printing jobs that are pending. If the network contains multiple printers make sure that have the Canon printer is configured as default.

Here are a few ways you can attempt to resolve the offline issue. However, if your Canon printer continues to go offline and you’re wondering what else could you do? It is time to perform a more complex problem-solving procedure. If you’re not a technology expert, we suggest that you get to our technical support team to get help and support.

Solutions for Canon Printer Offline Fix in Windows 10

The first thing you should verify is the connection to determine if the Canon printer is offline is running Windows 10. Also, ensure that your printer’s connection is to the power supply and that it is connected to the USB cable or wireless network is functioning properly.

Set Canon Printer as Default in Windows 10

If your Canon printer isn’t configured as default, then it will display the offline error. Therefore, ensure that you adhere to these steps.

Open the Control Panel. Choose then the Devices along with the Printers option. Then, from the printers available, select the Canon printer and click select is default’. There will be the green tick beside the Canon printer, which indicates that it has been selected as the default.

If you are experiencing the Canon printer offline Windows 10 error doesn’t disappear after setting the printer to default. It is time to contact the technical support department for assistance as well as more details.

Why my factory reset Canon printer is one of the most common issues that you may come across. However, it can be fixed by following these steps. If you are unable to resolve this issue then get in touch with the experts for support and help.

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