Experience the new Huawei Smart office Tablet PC


Simple and beautiful touch screen design with ELED technology. Compared to conventional screens, the body is reduced by 30% without screws on the body. Comes with wireless connection to make it look more beautiful. Smart office tablet PC touch screen that responds to writing quickly. It offers a touch precision of 1 mm and a writing response of only 35 ms, making writing smoother. This can also save the written content immediately. That can also automatically convert handwritten content to typography. And supports recording the important content of the meeting through the application.

Huawei Smart office tablet PC gives you a detailed meeting experience. For example, it is also able to automatically identify and detect the faces of those speaking during a meeting. The camera will focus on the speaker even if the speaker is 8 meters away from the screen. 

In terms of multi-screen collaboration, Huawei’s smart office tablet PC can not only display computer screens. It also supports reverse control, so users do not have to switch between computers and Tablet PC, but can arrange or mark up on the computer screen immediately and save them on the device or on the cloud

These special features enhance the practical experience and demonstrate the potential of product technology.

In addition to high performance, Smart office tablet PC is one of the devices that will greatly reduce the cost of office with a screen that integrates various functions into one. It includes projectors, whiteboards, microphones, speakers, video conferencing equipment. Conferencing PCs, tablets, and touch screens come together. In addition to helping to improve work efficiency It also solves the problem of finding a storage location. Maintenance and replacement of many devices pieces as well

You can also place it in the staff rest area for use in recreational activities which can access various applications like a mobile phone. This will greatly increase the happiness level of employees. It also makes employees more dedicated to their work.

High-Performance Skills: Clear Sound, Realistic Visuals, and Prevent Packet Loss.

Huawei Smart office tablet PC comes with an intelligent Cloud Native Meeting coupled with a dedicated conferencing chip that delivers professional audio and video. No need to install OPS, computer and other additional software. One-click Cloud Native conferencing in 1080p at 30 fps.

Smart office tablet PC strategy of “integrating” high-resolution cameras and specialized chipsets has made IdeaHub the leader in cloud meetings, delivering unrivaled audio and visual capabilities. 

At the same time, it comes with a function to automatically convert handwritten content to type technology for receiving audio frequencies up to 20KHz, 35ms fast writing response function, protection for 30% packet loss in video and 80% in audio; High resolutions up to 4K, for example, ensure that meetings and information received are smooth and comfortable and will allow participants to hear and see clear motion even in a busy, noisy open office.

In short, Smart office tablet PC is powered by Huawei’s high-performance hardware, cloud, and AI capabilities. It offers a seamless collaboration experience for both service and product functionality. Completely breaks the distance limitation. Maximum productivity can be achieved through remote and local collaboration. Unleash teamwork efficiency and creativity to fully meet your office collaboration needs.

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