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Video Production

In the age of marketing via the internet, video marketing occupies the major slice of the pie. With video production marketing, you get informative, engaging and educational content to attract your target demographics. When you go for corporate video production in Sydneyyou are making a great move to reach out to existing and potential customers without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Effective corporate videos have a long arm and can reach every corner of the globe thanks to the internet. Your chances of success and profit increase when you include corporate video production in your advertising agenda. This method of video production will be both strategic as well as coordinated to ensure maximum impact on the audience. So, without further ado, let us get into the subject in depth. 

Brand Identity

Statistics show that Sydney houses around 73,000 small businesses. If you are one of them, using a corporate video to tell your story is a great idea. Corporate video directors are creative; they are trained to show your brand as a compelling one, one that the customer cannot do without. And to achieve this, you need not spend lots of money on buying screen time or paying for high-end advertising. When you choose video production in Sydneythe focus will be on the promotion of products that enhance and make the brand identity stand out prominently. Again, the video will also tell your audience that your brand represents their own ethics and values. This is the initial hook for the people and is the best argument in favor of corporate video production. 

Put In A Great Story

Audiences love a good story and nothing inspires them more than the story of a small brand, struggling against overwhelming market forces, making a name for itself on the back of superior products and services. With the city’s 5 million population, there are many video production companies in Sydney. However not all of them are of the same gold standard, so you have to choose your video makers carefully. Remember that your video production in Sydney will allow you to tell your story convincingly to an audience who may or may not know about your brand, the latter especially if you’re a small and local business. Do not be deterred by the price of the corporate video. It will ensure a manifold return in investment after it is shot and marketed through the right channels. Again, with TV commercials and adverts, there is always a time crunch, which is something that corporate videos are free of. You are at liberty to make corporate videos of product features with a running time of 5 minutes if you want to, which works just fine with online audiences with short attention spans. 

The Love Affair Between Search Engines And Videos

Over time, the relationship between search engines and videos has become all the more noticeable. Search engines are naturally inclined to tend towards videos and your corporate video will see a rise in rankings if made well by one of the many production companies in Sydney, the right one. YouTube receives approximately 15 million new visitors from Australia each year, so imagine what a huge potential audience you have out there! With the right corporate video production, your brand can take off like an air bird. Corporate videos receive more than their fair share of views and if you have managed to put together a great video, it will be circulated, shared and commented upon by a huge number of people online. Even if you are a small business owner in Sydney, you can establish a niche for yourself, which is what every shrewd and wise brand CEO will do if given half a chance. Your online community will grow by leaps and bounds once you launch the video on YouTube and other channels.

Spare The Eyes

It is far easier to watch a video and disseminate the information than by reading about it or looking at statistics. It is the same logic that drives people to watch a movie that is based upon a bestseller novel. They could have read the novel but they chose a visual approach. Your videos will increase the rate of conversion and lead to bigger sales afterwards as your brand identity increases. It is not a surprise to know that 97% of marketers today think that video is the best medium to underscore product features and services. Explain Ninja says that by including a video on your landing page, conversion rates can be upped to 80%, which is a very significant percentage. This survey was done two years back and you can expect this percentage to have risen by quite a bit now to the high eighties.  

Brand Identity And Awareness

How many people actually know that you and your business exist? Maybe you are a small business with local customers. This is perfectly fine. However, in order to make your business grow, people will have to be educated about your brand and what it stands for. What is your motto and what are your values? What are your brand origin and destination? These questions can be effectively answered via a great looking corporate video shot in 4K. It will build brand identity and increase brand awareness like nothing else.  


Getting a genuine customer on the video to talk about how your product or service helped him out makes for a compelling medium. It sells. Statistics show that 72% of consumers say that positive reviews and testimonials increase their trust in a business. You will have a positive influence on your target audience as they get curious about your product and do a search on Google for your brand. Corporate testimonial videos, especially if they are shot in the Q4 production method, are terribly easy to do and influential as well. All you need to do is ensure that the corporate video production company you single out is an established one with a fair number of good projects to their name. 

We are past the point when a Google search led to written blogs and SEOs ruled the roost. They still do, but to a lesser extent, depending on which side of the bed Google wakes upon. Their search algorithms are a sacred secret and known only to a handful of people. However, search engines love videos, especially those that have the right content. So, a great-looking corporate video seems to be the perfect way for you to get a foot in the door of online marketing. 

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