Everything You Need To Know About Permanent Pigment

Permanent Pigment

Permablend pigment are the perfect alternative to permanent makeup because permablend pigments are the new generation of colouring products in aesthetic cosmetology. The colouring formation of this has become one of the leading products for permanent makeup and tattooing among professionals all over the world. Malish & Brows offers a wide range of permablend pigments for semi-permanent makeup professionals to perform all aesthetic cosmetic procedures.  

Permablend pigments are the anti-allergic tattoo ink with a high concentration of colour that promotes the healing of the skin after applying permanent makeup. It does not contain any impurities of aromatic amines and heavy metals. 

History Of Permablend 

Permablend is the brand line from the world cosmetology ‘world-famous ink’. It is known for the production of tattoo pigments. 

Over the last years, the world-famous ink began developing as a brand that specialises in pigments for permanent makeup. The creation of the product is based on the idea of integrating organic pigment into permanent makeup products. After the scientific research, revolutionary pigment for eyebrows, microblading and lips appeared as the perfect tool for Permablend. 

Permablend quickly became the leader in manufacturing permablend pigments for lips, breast aura, tattooing eyes and other kinds of permanent makeup. 

Features Of Permablend Pigment

The composition and quality of permablend pigment, which is important for permanent makeup professionals.  We will list some features of permablend pigment below. 

  • Resistance to UV rays. 
  • Homogeneity of the pigmentation particle. 
  • Uniformity of the dye. 

Permablend Pigment For Tattooing

The permablend pigment contains no carcinogenic elements or toxins. Plus, it is not products that are not tested on animals. Permablend can ensure that no animal can harm in the name of your beauty. 

Production Of Permablend Pigments

How permablend pigments are prepared? The entire manufacturing of this pigment takes place in four different places. 

  • Micronization:- In this stage, all the components of pigments are carefully grind.
  • Dispersion:- It is one of the most important processes. It consists of the selection and packaging of microparticles of the same size. 
  • Homogenization:- It is the process that ensures the stability of the pigments. 
  • Vacuum Stabilisation:– It is the final process of grinding, stabilising and fixing the pigment density. 

Why Do Professionals Choose Permablend Pigments?

Among professionals who use the permablend pigment in permanent makeup, the important advantage of permablend pigment is that the colour remains bright, juicy, and saturated when applied. Permablend pigment is easy to apply. 

Permablend Pigment Colour Range

There is a wide range of permablend pigments and some of which are mentioned below. 

  • Royal red
  • Bazooka
  • Tres pink
  • Creme de pink
  • Orange crush 
  • Latte
  • Orchid
Permablend Pigment Products For Professional

There is a wide range of products offered by the permablend for professionals and some of these are mentioned below. 

  • Eyeliner pigment.
  • Eyebrow pigment.
  • Lip pigment.
  • Areola pigment. 
  • Scar pigment. 
  • Scalp pigment. 
  • Toner shading pigment. 
  • Black pigment. 

Why We Choose Mailash & Brows For Permablend Pigments

Mailash & Brows analyses your skin while designing the product for permanent makeup such as permablend pigments that enhance your appearance. They help you if you want to avail the benefits of tattooed cosmetic products. 

Mailash & brows is the leading brand in providing the permablend pigments for professionals.

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