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Everything You Need To Know About Coaster Set And Its Use

Coaster Set

Cleaning up the house is the most difficult task, especially if the marks of coffee and tea are on the table. If you love decorating your home you hate this stain, and then you need a coaster set

A coaster is an accessory that protects the table from damage. They also act as a decoration when displayed on the table. There is a wide collection available in the market. But Zinger art has an extensive collection of the coaster set. 

In this post, you learn everything about the coaster set in detail. So let’s start reading!

Why Do We Use a Coaster Set?

A Coaster set is used to prevent the water rings marks on your tables. This happens with “sweaty drinks” such as beer, soda, water and juice.

These water rings form due to condensation on the cup, bottle or mug. If the temperature of your cold drink is below the dew point, the water will condense as a liquid at the surface. Now it’s all dripping and can leave a puddle at the bottom!

Coasters set not only protect against water rings but some cups or glasses can also leave small scratches or nicks on the table. This is especially true if you’re moving your drinks around a lot.

With all this in mind, it only makes sense to lay down a coaster before setting your drink. You’ll keep the furniture free of defects as well as perfect for home decor!

Types Of Coaster Set

Below, we’ve listed the types of the coaster set that has both fashionable and aesthetic functions. 

Wooden Coaster

These wooden coasters are great because they don’t conduct heat, so they are incredibly versatile for both hot and cold drinks. The bonus is that it brings a hint of natural elements into the home. Wood is also a cheap material, so it is a great piece of decor for a very affordable budget.

Ceramic Coaster

Ceramic coaster is a brittle and hard material that is made by firing and glazing clay at high temperatures. This material is very versatile and can be made into many different things like plates, utensils, coasters, etc.

Marble Coaster

Marble comes in various colour combinations and veins that give it a stunning look. Although real marble would have been an excellent choice, it would be expensive for some, but if you have the budget for it, it is a perfect choice.

Terracotta Coaster

Terracotta is a clay-based non-glazed ceramic that usually has an orange or orange-brown tone. It is a beautiful natural material that can be used as a coaster to hold cups with cold or hot drinks to prevent them from ruining the surface underneath. This clay material is best suited for homes with wabi-sabi, minimalist, or Japanese interior design styles. You can find these coasters on Elementary.

Plate Coaster

Plate casters are simply saucers that are thicker than the average dish so that they can be used as a coaster. Plates are great as coasters because they come in a variety of colours, patterns, sizes, designs, etc., making it easy to find the exact plate that accompanies the room.

You have learned everything about the coaster set and its use. Coaters are used to protect your table from unwanted watermarks. Plus, enhance the aesthetic value of the table. 

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