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The 12 Top Educational YouTube Channels For Kids


What is the role of YouTube in our children’s lives? YouTube has made the world a smaller place for our children. It has enabled them to learn about faraway places. It has given them access to educational Youtube channels videos that keep them informed on several topics. Youtube has become an essential part of children’s education, and it isn’t a surprise. YouTube has a wealth of instructional videos for kids, ranging from science to current culture. This article will look at some of the best educational YouTube channels. 

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3 Important Reasons Why Educational Youtube Channels Are Part Of Child Learning?

  • Because of the many authoring tools and learning management systems available, including YouTube videos in your eLearning course is simple. YouTube videos may introduce a topic, explain an online activity, motivate students, or augment course information.
  • Everyone has a voice on educational YouTube channels, as you’ve undoubtedly seen. They may create a robust eLearning community by using it as a social learning platform, where everyone can remark, participate, and share their thoughts and ideas.
  • When they upload eLearning material to YouTube, it becomes accessible to everyone on the YouTube network. The students may access and see it on the move using mobile learning devices such as smartphones and tablets. They may use YouTube to explore internet video content, share presentations, and engage the students by enabling them to remark vhanime.

The Best Top 12 Educational Youtube Channels For Children

Educational YouTube Channels

  • Alphablocks

They are 26 living letters that discover something extraordinary when they join their hands to form a word. This popular programme blends phonics with entertainment to help young children develop their skills to become readers.

  • Crash Course Kids

The famous Crash Course Kids developers have created a kid-friendly science series for primary school students. Therefore, the channel discusses Earth Science, Biology, Astronomy, and other things.

  • National Geographic Kids

Anything you love about National Geographic but tailored to children’s interests and attention spans? The most acceptable educational YouTube channels on our list include National Geographic Kids. Short films depicting animals, science, and more will transport you across the globe.

  • Houston Zoo

Check out the Houston Zoo’s YouTube channel if your kid likes animals. Many famous educational locations are too far distant to visit in person. Still, YouTube allows kids (and adults) access to them.

  • Storyline Online

Top actors reading great children’s books? Each video has creative animation modeled after the illustrations. In addition, Plus, teachers can find extra lessons on Storyline’s website.

  • PBS Kids

PBS offers several excellent educational YouTube channels, including PBS Kids, which comes as no surprise. Get entire episodes of popular kids’ programmes like Daniel Tiger and the Wild Kratts and read-along, Sesame Street, etc.

  • WordWorldPBS

PBS is another dependable source of high-quality, kid-friendly programming. On the WordWorldPBS channel, your youngster may “see words come alive.” In addition, for younger children, its cartoon and animal-themed programming are ideal. 

  • TED-Ed

The most significant educational Youtube channels are TED-Ed (from the organisation responsible for TED Talks) and TED-Ed (the charity responsible for TED Talks). In addition, on this channel, kids may be challenged with intriguing puzzles, examine nature, or consider such topics as “questions no one knows the solutions to”.

  • Smart Girls

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls channel is excellent for older kids. It includes the expected DIYs that kids like, such as creating fizzing bath bombs and biographies of inspirational women. Astronauts and scientists are among the guests, as are etiquette lectures and movies to encourage females to participate in social concerns such as climate change.

  • Free School

Look no further if you’re seeking age-appropriate films on history, science, or language arts. However, the free school is the most proper educational YouTube channels on our list. Free School covers all of these subjects and more in an appropriate style for younger students.

  • The Infographics Show

This channel wants to take facts of all kinds and make them into exciting and fun videos. Watch stories about people, events, and mysteries out of this world. You can also read about them. There is practically a new film every day, so there is plenty of variation.

  • MediaWise

The MediaWise project is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative that educates individuals on locating trustworthy, factual information on the internet. Instead of trusting everything they see, these films encourage pupils to be critical consumers of internet material. One of the most influential educational YouTube channels in the education business is Media Wise.


I wish you relished the compilation of the 12 Top Educational YouTube Channels For Kids! These channels are great for teaching your kids new skills and are also very entertaining. Please let us know if you have any questions about these channels.



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