Does your kid use Snapchat? Here’s what you should know about it

Does your kid use Snapchat?

The whole purpose of Snapchat is to have fun and be spontaneous. But the big question is “Does your kid use Snapchat? or Is Snapchat OK for kids?“. When you share a text, photo, or video, they are deleted automatically after the recipient views them. You can share photos, videos, and comments without worrying about how they will appear to future audiences. 


Rather than taking pictures to look back on later, Snapchat allows people to experience them right now, then move on. You can, however, save what you share, as we show you below. Therefore, no one should feel insecure.


Features of Snapchat

  • Snaps

Using filters and lenses, you can customize photos and images called Snaps. You can access filters by taking a picture or video, then swiping right. Utilize the selfie camera on your phone to turn on Lenses. Snaps can be shared with friends or everyone once you’ve created them.

  • Snaps delete by default

After a recipient views a snap, it disappears, like “words in a conversation”, but someone may take a screenshot or record the screen with a phone or another device. If someone takes a screenshot, you will receive a notification, but it is all over if they photograph the screen with another device or camera.

  • Chat and calls

On Snapchat, you can send video, photos, audio, and texts. Someone who has not been approved as a friend can’t send a one-on-one message. So that it is very important to get Does your kid use Snapchat or not?

  • Snap Map

Snap Map allows sharing your location with all or a limited number of friends and seeing Snaps and Stories from around the world such as events, places, breaking news, and many more. If you are opt-in, Snapchat will automatically update your location every time you open the app, no matter who you’re sharing it with. See friends whose locations have been shared with you by scrolling around the Map. Do you have to decide now Does your kid use Snapchat? Snapchat’s public community space, Our Story, allows users to put a Snap-on a Map to appear in the exact location it was taken.

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  • Ghost Mode

This means your location isn’t shared with anyone.

  • My Story

Your friends will be able to view Snaps that you add here for 24 hours in chronological order, so you can assemble narratives out of Snaps in the order in which you experienced them.

  • Our Story

Snapchat users can share with the broader community in this space, but unlike other social apps, comments are not allowed. Snap Maps and even outside of the app can display content published to Our Story. You can find Our Story under the Discover tab, providing content curated by news publishers, creators, entertainment companies, and Snapchat.

  • Memories

It can store all of your Snaps and Stories. Additionally, the “My Eyes Only” section offers password-protected storage for certain Memories, which parents should be aware of.


Tips for you and your children

  • Configure your settings

It is important to understand how Snapchat’s privacy settings work. Media can only be sent or received from friends added to the user’s friend list by default. This feature is recommended for minors using Snapchat.

  • Personal information

It would help if you reminded your kids not to share any information that identifies them. Information regarding finances and health must never be disclosed. Only share your home address and phone number with friends and family whom you trust with that information.

  • Storing snaps

Even though Snaps aren’t by default saved, they may be saved by the creator before sending or taken as screenshots by the viewer. Alternatively, a copy of the screen can be created by taking a picture with another camera. Kids should be reminded not to send Snaps that are illegal, that could cause them trouble right now or later, or that it would be embarrassing to see if their grandparents or college admissions officers saw them.

  • Setting up two-factor authentication and protecting passwords

Don’t give your kids anyone’s password on any service. They should have a strong, unique password that they don’t share. The account can be compromised if someone knows their password.

  • Controlling devices

Parental controls are available for Android and iOS devices. Make sure your child is appropriately using their phone.

  • Keeping it real

There are ways for your kids to find people they do not know on Snapchat, despite the service being designed for “real life” friends. Tell your kids that they should only become friends with people they know in real life and that it’s not safe to meet anyone online.

  • Considering the location

Don’t let your children share their location without your permission. Teenagers should avoid interacting with everyone but close relatives and trusted friends while in Ghost Mode.

  • Bullying

Snapchat does not tolerate bullying, and it violates the platform’s Community Guidelines. Make sure to discuss the dangers of bullying with your kids. Remind them not to be afraid to talk to you or any other trusted adult if they are ever bullied or receive unwanted content. Think for Is Snapchat OK for kids?

  • Nudity

Additionally, teens must know that exchanging nude or sexually explicit images of anyone under 18, including themselves, is against Snapchat’s community standards.

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The most popular app among kids is Snapchat, but new apps emerge constantly. It would help if you taught your children to think critically about staying safe online and talk to them about Is Snapchat OK for kids? how and Does your kid use Snapchat? When it comes to safety, privacy, reputation, and time management, it’s essential to keep the lines of communication open and work together with your partner. Typically, it’s best if you talk with your children about their favorite tools because they’ll come to you when they need help, and you’ll stay on top of the technology they use.


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