Dayara Bugyal Trek: Complete Trekking Details

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek highest point is at such a lovely altitude that it has a subtle chill and a springtime aroma all year, making it perfect for first-timers. The evergreen beauty of its rugged yet green terrains is enhanced by wildflowers, various stones, and beautiful lakes and streams. Nonetheless, the months of December through February may be ideal for visiting this often-overlooked winter adventure.

Location of Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal, in Uttarkashi district, is one of the most beginner-friendly hikes. This high-altitude meadow can be found 9 kilometers from Barsu settlement. Barsu, a little village 45 kilometers from Uttarkashi, can be reached by car. The trek to Dayara Bugyal begins in Barsu, which serves as a base camp. 

The nearest railway station is Dehradun, which is 192 kilometers away. 

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, which is 218 kilometers away. It’s worth noting that the road to Barsu splits off around Bhatwari.

Dayara Bugyal Trek itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Uttarkashi’s Raithal

After a 9-hour ride, you will arrive in Raithal, the base camp for the Dayara Bugyal climb. A quick drive through the lovely green woodlands will lead you there.

On most portions of the route, you may enjoy the breathtaking splendor of the Bhagirathi river. As you approach Raithal, sunset colors may be seen above the John Lee and Draupadi ka Danda peaks.

Day 2: Raithal to Ghui

While passing through Raithal, the Srikhand Mahadev and Gangotri group of I, II, and III summits and the other peaks mentioned above may be seen from afar. From Raithal, it’s an easy to moderate ascent to Gui. This well-marked trail winds through a forest of green and brown oaks (more and kharsu) and rhododendron.

A half-hour hike will bring you to a modest cabin with a well-known rest spot. During the winter, there is snow on the ground. Continue, and after passing through a couple of clearings, you’ll arrive at Gui’s campground. A tiny Tal, or lake, is also nearby. A few modest huts can be seen.

Day 3: Gui to Dayara Bugyal

When you cross Gui, you’ll be greeted with views of mountains on both sides that were previously concealed from view. A small trail will lead you back to the middle of an oak woodland once you leave the campsite.

After about an hour of hiking, you’ll come to a cabin where many people rest. Follow the trail until you come across the “Dayara” sign. After a short ascent, you’ll arrive at Dayara’s campground, which offers mystical Himalayan views. A breathtaking view of Banderpunch and Kala Nag may be had from here. Climb uphill after lunch to enjoy the beautiful sunset pecking the Bandarpunch range to the left.

Day 4: Back and forth from Dayara Bugyal to Dayara Top

On the trek, there is only one water source. Beyond the campsite, there’s a trail that leads to a breathtaking view of Bandarpunch and other peaks. If you’re hiking in the summer, get started early. 7 a.m. is an ideal time to tread for large groups.

Start at 9 a.m. in the winter with a packed lunch to eat at the summit. Climb up the ridge, keeping the tree line to your left until you reach the trail that goes to Gadara Bugyal. It’s a ten-minute sprint to the trailhead. Dayara Bugyal’s early morning view is gorgeous.  Beyond the lodge, the trail ascends to Devikund, a flat ridge. It’s a little crossroads that marks the end of the Dayara meadows.

A trail connects Devikund to Dodital, which is two camps away. Select the trail that climbs upward and to the right of you. It leads to a level stroll down the steep side of a big mound. Before descending to the top of a ridge, the trail loops around the mound’s western edge. The ridge’s eastern edges are lined with oak trees.

One can see Barsu, which is thousands of feet below. Take the trail that veers left down the slope and slowly descends to the bottom.

Day 5 : Dayara Bugyal to Barsu

There are a few water stations along the trail where you can refill your bottles.

Start early and go towards the right side of the valley, keeping the stream to your left. The trail narrows and descends abruptly into the tree line at the valley’s end.

Take slow, steady strides towards the rhododendron-filled woods. It will curve around a bend in some places to provide you with a view of a shepherd’s cabin. There are a few water stations along the trail where you can refill your bottles. Start early and keep the stream to a minimum.

The last of the falling slopes of the Dayara meadows, known locally as Ki’uttoral, can be seen on the right. Go down to the woodland below from here. Barnala will be reached in two hours. Barnala Tal is located nearby, as is a shrine dedicated to Nag Devta.

In the winter, many people come here to ski. The distance between Barnala and Barsu is around 5 kilometers. From here, the amount of snow on the trail decreases. Continue on the other side until you reach GMVN.

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