CUET GK Preparation tips: complete exam-grade tips and strategies

The CUET or the central university common entrance test is a nationwide commenced test that filters the most desirable aspirants to enrol them in the UG courses. It is a prevalent common university entrance test that only the national testing agency conducts. This entrance test offers aspirants an opportunity to grab seats in India’s most prestigious universities, including Delhi University, JNU, JMI, EFLU, the University of Allahabad, and more.

However, fetching seats by clearing the CUET exams is not as easy as you think. Every year thousands of aspirants fill out the application forms to appear for the test. This increases the completion and lessens the chance of getting selected. Every aspirant appearing for the CUET exam must be well-prepared in several syllabus sections.

Further, the board marks will not have significance, as the board selects aspirants based on their CUET marks only. GK is one part of the syllabus that can help you fetch easy marks in such cases. So, in this guide, you will comprehend CUET GK Preparation tips to score maximum marks.

In detail about CUET 2022

The common university entrance test or the CUET is a prominent exam globally. This prolific test conducted by the national testing agency offers you admissions to more than 54 central universities in India. Find out more details about CUET:

  • Exam name- Central University common entrance test
  • Duration- commences in 2 slots- 1st slot: 3 hours 15 minutes, and 2nd slot 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Total number of questions- 175
  • Mandatory questions to appear- 140
  • Total sections in the question paper- Section-1-Language, section-2 Domain-specific, Section-3- General test
  • Exam language- Available in 13 languages

Why pay attention to the GK section 

Section 3 in your CUET question will include 75 questions compared to the other section having 50 questions each. This implies that section 3 is the largest and the most mark fetching in your CUET questions. This section would be nothing but your GK section. With general knowledge and general awareness easily accessible, you should pay maximum attention to this section. Now that you know the significance of preparing for GK learn some tips to be proficient in GK.

Top CUTE GK preparation tips 

Get acquainted with syllabus and pattern

The first thing that you need to start with is knowing about all your syllabus and patterns. Scrutinize the complete syllabus of GK, and read those sections that you are not strong at. Usually, the GK comes segmented into general awareness and general science. You need to ensure the portions that you need the most revision for. The GK pattern is pretty much simple. You would be getting 75 questions, out of which you have to appear 60 questions in 60 minutes. So, you get a maximum of less than one minute per question. Thus, you must be well-prepared.

Develop a strategy to start with

After knowing the syllabus, and the question type, you will need to create a strategy to read GK. Make a timetable, and dedicate time alone for reading GK. Make sure you cover maximum questions in the desired time without much distraction from other subjects.

Focus on knowing a particular event only, not the history of it

Although reading the complete information is always good, aspirants often dig deep into data, news, or GK fact instead of focusing on the syllabus. This expands their time, and they miss out on other syllabus parts. So, your aim must be to read answers only when you have lesser time with you.

Don’t postpone the syllabus and stick to the routine. 

When preparing for your CUET exams, you must have made a routine and timetable. In such cases, it is important to stick to the routine and complete the syllabus. Most of the aspirants postpone their GK preparations to the last. However, you should avoid postponement.

Read the newspapers and browse current affairs on the Internet

One of the most vital CUET GK Preparation tips is reading and exploring current affairs from different sources. Newspapers can be a great source where you can track all current matters. You can also explore current affairs over the Internet.

Practice previous year’s question

Practicing the previous year’s question will offer you a better idea about the difficulty level of the questions in GK. You can solve the paper and get acquainted with it. As CUET is happening for the first time you will not get previous years question papers practice as many as GK Quiz’s and Mock Tests which will help you to crack the CUET easily.


In short, these are the GK preparation tips and strategies for CUET exams. Now that you know the tips adopt the same in your CUET preparation to fetch more marks.

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