Common Furnace Related Problems You Should Know

common Furnace problem

We know that a furnace plays a vital role in enhancing the appearance of your house. No doubt, it maintains the indoor temperature of your house to provide you with comfort. So, it is important for you to install a furnace of high quality so that it does not get damaged easily. You must hire a professional for the installation of a common Furnace problem in your house.

Let us tell you that the furnace can also get damaged with the passage of time. If they do not get proper furnace maintenance service, you might face some problems with it. This guide explains some common furnace-related problems that can occur in your house. Let’s have a look at them.

Inefficient Production of Heat

The most common issue with a furnace is that it does not produce efficient heat. It is a sign that your furnace needs to get repaired or replaced depending upon the issue with it. If the thermostat is damaged, you will notice that the furnace is not blowing hot air.

Another reason behind this issue can be the setting of the thermostat as it might not be set to “heat”. You should check the thermostat of the furnace. The common Furnace problem may also produce inefficient heat if the air filter is clogged due to dust and debris.

Unexpected Noise

Unexpected noises coming from the furnace are one of the common problems with a furnace. These noises can range from clunking to thumping and thumping to squealing. When you notice a scraping noise, it means that your bower bearings have been damaged.

We know that there are a lot of mechanical parts associated with a furnace. If any of them get damaged or wear out, you will notice rare noises coming from the common Furnace problem. In such a situation, it would be best to get professional furnace repair service from Spring TX, or any other nearby area.

Broken Heat Exchanger

You may face a problem when the heat exchanger is broken or cracked. You will see that the furnace is not working properly and is not producing heat efficiently. Let us tell you that it is a costly issue and it will cost you a lot of money to fix it.

You must be thinking about how a heat exchanger gets cracked. Let us tell you that when you overheat your house, the heat exchanger gets cracked. Moreover, if the air filters are clogged or dirt and dust are stuck in them, your heat exchanger will crack badly. In this situation, you will have to buy another heat exchanger which is expensive.

Damaged Limit Switch

A limit switch plays a vital role in detecting the presence and temperature of heat in the furnace. According to the temperature inside the common Furnace problem, the limit switch tells the blower fan when to turn on and when to turn off. But when it gets damaged, you cannot measure the temperature of the furnace which can result in overheating your house.

If the limit switch is damaged, you cannot avoid different types of risks associated with overheating such as burning the furnace or causing a potential fire. You must be thinking how could I know when the limit switch is damaged. Let us enhance your knowledge by telling you that when your furnace keeps running even when it shouldn’t, it means it is damaged.

Weak Colored Pilot Light

Pilot light is considered one of the most important things for the proper functioning of your furnace. If you notice that the pilot light is flickering or has turned yellow color, you must call a professional. It is because these signs show that there is the presence of excessive carbon monoxide in the furnace.

Improper Working of Blower Belt

Another common issue with your furnace that might occur is the improper functioning of the blower belt. You should know that a blower belt is a part of the motor that plays an essential role in running the fan of your furnace.

You may notice that a high-pitched sound is being produced from the furnace while running. If you want to fix this issue, you will have to buy another belt to replace the damaged one. It will result in enhancing the performance and efficiency of your furnace fan.

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Over-cycling is one of the most common issues with a common Furnace problem. You may sometimes notice that the furnace is kicking on more frequently just after finishing a cycle. It means that one of the air filters is clogged. You need to clean it so that you can allow proper flow of air. You should know that over-cycling results in increasing your electricity bill.


Do you have a furnace in your house? If yes, then you must be aware of the problems that can occur with your furnace. These are some common issues that can occur due to clogged filters, damaged limit switches, over-cycling, or many other problems. You must hire a professional to get these issues fixed on time otherwise you will have to replace the furnace if it gets damaged badly and not fixed on time. 

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