Child Protection Facilities Provided by Nursery Schools

Child Protection Facilities

Child Protection Facilities – Early child development nursery schools and parenting centers bring together services for families with young children, including care, education, health, community development activity facilities, and support for the whole family unit.

The government’s long-term commitment to women’s education and employment has increased the number of families in which both parents work for Child Protection Facilities in Nursery Schools.

The number of nuclear families has also increased in recent decades, and the traditional joint family structure has been dismantled. This has resulted in the demand for daycare centers to care for the children and to groom them in a reliable and safe environment.

Child Protection facilities are an immensely debatable topic for parents across the globe owing to the Child oriented accidents and criminal activities reported over the last half-a-decade or so.

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Keeping children away from themselves is more of a nightmare, but also an unavoidable situation for working parents. To make things a little easier, Nursery schools have tried to restore parental confidence by installing some child protection facilities. 

Some of these facilities usually include:


installation is a technological way of ensuring there are eyes overseeing every activity done by the kids or to the kids. These cameras are a way to ensure that nothing goes unseen, or uncaptured and the kids are always under responsible surveillance to ensure safety. These recordings are constantly monitored by professional security experts to ensure immediate action in case of an unstable situation.


are placed near the gates and all the In-Out locations to ensure there is no trespassing. Also, kids are safe within the premises as they are not allowed to leave the compound and are safely guided to and from their classroom during the Start of the day and also at discharge. Guards are usually trained professionals who are well equipped to deal with school security, the challenges, and the ways of handling them so that there are no security gaps.

Teachers with knowledge in Child Psychology are often a preference in Nursery schools so that teachers can better understand, connect and interpret the behavior and reactions of the kids. This helps them understand if there is a problem which perhaps the kids are finding hard to communicate.

Child Counselors 

are a must-have in most of the Nursery Schools to make sure the kids get the help they need. In cases of disturbances or irregularities in behavior, kids are referred to the child counselor. Who helps normalize these behavioral problems or challenges with a  professional approach. A lot of child counselors help kids identify and communicate their problems when they find it very difficult to talk about them.

Why should you be a part of the Child protection facilities around you?

A child may be ignored, abused, or exploited without any awareness or knowledge to the parents. Some abuse may occur on school grounds, but most occur at home or in other non-school environments. It is a very sensitive matter, and it should be recognized at the right time.

One or more of the students in your child’s class may be victims of violence, abuse, or exploitation outside of Public schools in Noida. It’s challenging to turn a blind eye to it. Instead, you should provide a helping hand to the child. While this is attainable, it requires identifying an issue and the dedication to analyze it and examine viable solutions thoroughly.


Always keep in mind that your obligation to protect students does not end with the safety of your child. Kids in nursery school may benefit massively from your interference in their lives. All that remains is to prepare yourself by understanding more about their issues and what you can do to assist.

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