Chadar Trek: Complete Guide

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The Chadar Trek is a trek that takes place in the Himalayas. The thick coating of ice in the Zanskar River resembles a white blanket, which the locals call Chadar. As a result, the walk is known among tourists as the Chadar Trek. This thrilling journey is a must-see for individuals who enjoy challenges and high-altitude trekking.

Chadar Trek allows you to take in the beauty of the Himalayas. The walk begins at Chilling, a small village where the beautiful Zanskar River begins to ice. You’ll pass via Tilad and see the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, a holy site built in Guru Nanak Ji’s remembrance and honor. This trek is 105 kilometers long, with most of the distance covered by walking.

How to Get There

Air travel is the most convenient way to go on the Chadar trek in Ladakh. The nearest airport in Leh is Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport (IXL), which is connected to all major international airports in India. All major Indian cities have regular direct flights to Ladakh so that you can organize a trip to this stunning location. Furthermore, you will appreciate the ride because you will be treated to an amazing aerial view of the mountain ranges and some undeveloped places of Leh.

Trekking time in Chadar

Chadar trekking would take approximately 8 to 9 days, including the return trip to Leh. The lake is frozen during this trek, so you can easily walk across it. It usually takes place between January and mid-February. The ice sheets on the frozen river are at their most stable throughout the winter. Remember that the ice sheet is not hard enough to support any weight at the beginning of January, which could cause major complications. The finest months to visit Ladakh are in the summer, from April to June, and from September to October in the fall. It’s a good idea to keep up with current weather conditions.

Why Should You Go on the Chadar Trek?

Trekking is one of the best methods to reduce daily tension, relax the mind, and rekindle the spirit of adventure and excitement by accepting and overcoming challenges. Walking on frozen snow and snowy climbing mountains are also unrivaled in enjoyment and thrill. The Chadar Trek path offers travelers a distinct world away from city life, with frozen waterfalls, a frozen lake, and snow-capped mountains in its environs.

You’ll be walking miles of mountains, witnessing and admiring the paradise-like atmosphere. The captivating sight of the snow-capped mountains and the tranquil surroundings will provide you with a welcome change from your daily routine.

Chadar Trekking’s Difficulty Level

Visiting this location means taking on the most difficult difficulties you’ve ever faced, making it a dream come true for snow and adventure enthusiasts. Trekking in Chadar is only recommended for those in high physical shape, as you will be walking a lot and in adverse weather.

Chadar Journey is only suggested for experienced hikers because it is a high-altitude trek. It is not permitted to trek here if you have any health conditions, such as asthma or breathing problems. Those with minor health concerns who want to visit this location should speak with their doctor first and seek advice before proceeding.

Remember that to be eligible for the Chadar trek. You must present a doctor’s certificate verifying your health status and proof of previous treks. Walking on a frozen sheet of water might be challenging for some individuals. To accomplish the hike, it is suggested that you employ a qualified guide.

The cost of the Chadar Trek

The cost of the Chadar walk varies depending on the number of persons traveling, the type of accommodation offered, and changes in government entry fees, taxes, and activities.

Additionally, you will need to hire or purchase walking boots, fleece coats, sunscreens, warming gloves, day-size packs, stream crossing shoes, an emergency first aid kit, and sunglasses for the hike.

Itinerary for the Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek is approximately 105 kilometers long. To complete the trek, you will need to walk approximately 16-17 kilometers per day. For your convenience and planning, here is the itinerary.

  • Day 1: Arrive in Leh
  • Day 2: Relax and go to Tilat Sumdo Camp
  • Day 3: Tsomo Paladar
  • Day 4: Trek to Dibb
  • Day 5: Naerak Pullu
  • Day 6: Naerak to Dibb
  • Day 7: Trail to Shingra Koma
  • Day 8: Trek to Chilling and return to Leh
  • Day 9. Departure

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