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Can Numbing Cream For Tattoos Reduce The Pain?


Tattoo lovers are all over the world and some people go crazy with tattooing. But many people are reluctant to go for tattooing. Thinking about the numbing cream for tattoo is the best choice for intolerable pain. Each tattoo symbolizes a person’s way of expressing himself, his passion or interests. Some of the most commonly tattoos are based on religion, art, person etc. 

Tattooing is very painful and you need to be patient and cooperative and should be well aware of how tattooing is done. 

It is the intensity of pain that withdraws most people from tattooing. Tattooing on sensitive areas like ribs, on top of feet, behind knees are more painful. Sharp needle covered with a pigment is pierced on the top layer of the skin and the intensity of pain depends on the person’s tolerance level. There are permanent and temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos done on the skin remains for few days up to few weeks.

You should be well aware of the risks and damage that tattooing can do to your skin. Getting a tattoo will take few minutes to hour, but there are lot of risks too involved. Ensure that tattooing is done with sterilized disposable needles.

Many people are worried about the pain of tattooing and think for an option to reduce the pain.

Yes, your worry comes to an end here. Try out the numbing cream for tattoo that does wonders. Numbing creams reduces the pain of tattooing. There are two categories of numbing cream. One which is applied before is cream based and other after tattooing is gel or spray.

What is a numbing cream and how is it useful in tattooing?

Numbing cream is a local aesthetic that stops the transmission of pain signals from nerves to brain. There are number of numbing creams available in the market. Select the appropriate numbing cream depending on use. For tattooing, it is best to use numbing cream for tattoo with 4% to 5% lidocaine. Glycerine based numbing creams are not ideal for tattooing as it causes the skin to be slippery and this makes tattooing difficult.

The numbing cream is applied on the topical part of the skin. Most of the cases numbing creams are safe and affective. The cream has to be applied on small area rather than large area. One should be very careful while using numbing cream. Numbing creams are not mandatory but it is a personal choice. The pain also depends on which area of the body you want to get tattooed.  If pain is the only reason stopping you from getting tattooed, then go for numbing cream. The effect of numbing cream lasts for one to three hours. You may need to reapply the cream if tattooing process is not completed.

Applying numbing cream for tattoo reduces anxiety also, thereby tattooing will be a relaxing experience. The main benefit of using numbing creams is to give you mental relief.


Numbing Creams for tattoos have certain risks too

Numbing creams are found to be safe. But still you need to follow the instructions as mentioned on the cream. You might be under the thought that this cream does not pose any health hazards. It is not true.  You have to do a thorough check of the ingredients in the cream and ensure that you are not allergic to any of the mentioned ones. Many of the creams contain multiple ingredients that may put your health to risk. It is always better to consult a doctor or medical practitioner before applying the cream. 

Applying Numbing Creams for tattoo

  1. Wash the area of the skin well before you apply numbing cream to remove the impurities like dirt and oil. This helps in better absorption of the cream by the skin.
  2. Follow the instructions and apply the numbing cream on the area to be tattooed. 
  3. Cover the area with plastic wrap. This way the cream gets activated.
  4. It takes 30 -40 minutes for the skin to be numb. Once the area is numb, remove the wrap and start tattooing.
  5. Once tattooing is done wash the area to be removes the residue.

Discuss about numbing creams with tattoo artist

  • It is better to inform the tattoo artist about which numbing cream you are using. Artists have better idea about numbing cream for tattoo and how it affects the tattoo. That way it would be beneficial for both the customer and the tattoo artist.
  • Typically numbing creams takes 45min to 2 hours to come to effect, so it is best to discuss with the artist and apply the cream accordingly.
  • There are several numbing creams each serves a definite purpose. Do check for tattoo a numbing cream that does not impact the tattoo.
  • Do a test patch on another part of the body to confirm the cream is not allergic to your body.
  • Depending on the length of the tattooing session, it might be required to reapply numbing cream. Check with the artist if more cream needs to be applied. 

Keep an eye on your skin and body

  • Some people experience mild symptoms like itching, swelling, or soreness on the area.
  • Some people might not experience any kind of discomfort.
  • Improper application of numbing cream affects the appearance of the tattoo.
  • Overdose of numbing cream pose serious health hazards.

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Take care of the following:

  • People having sensitive skin, allergic reaction or any kind of skin ailments should consult a skin specialist before applying the cream.
  • Tattoo artist should be well aware of the client’s skin condition before starting the tattooing procedure.
  • Always do a patch test before applying the numbing creams to avoid any kind of skin irritation, redness, swelling or inflammation.
  • Numbing creams pose serious health hazards if swollen or injected.
  • Never apply numbing cream on wounds, scratches or cuts on the skin.
  • Proper intake of food and water is a must before going for tattooing. Do not take any kind of medicines like pain killers because it may cause bleeding.
  • Never do tattooing if you are sick or unwell. 



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