Brother printer connected to wifi but not printing

Brother printer not printing

This is a fact universally acknowledged that when people try out printing something with their Brother composer sometimes they find trouble in printing even when it is connected to wifi. Unfortunately, the majority of people having a new hand in the technology world become unable to know about how to fix if Brother printer not printing even having a good internet connection. Such people can have glimpses of a few solutions suggested here to get rid of such issues related to Brother Printer below. All the tricks are easy to follow and effective as well. 

Causes that lies underneath for improper working of Brother composer

If you bought a printer recently and confronting several issues like if the given printer of brother is connected to wifi but not printing then you are at the right place here. Have a sight on all possible causes that may lead to non-functioning of a printer which has a proper connection of internet.

  • Faulty Setting of Printer
  • Obsolete Printer drivers
  • The printer is not used for ages
  • The improper connection between PC and Printer
  • The issue with the ink of Cartridge of Brother composer
  • Some bear and tear issues with the printer


These are the major problems that can be enumerated with the poor functioning of the Brother printer which is connected to the internet. So if you are still in limbo that why won’t my brother printer print then following instructions or suggestions given may be helpful for you to resolve your queries. 

How to get rid of printing-related issues of Brother Printer   

You must be aware of the causes for which brother printers not printing properly till the time. Now let us have a look at the remedies that will enable you to print nicely from your brother’s printer. Most of the people fail to print from their brother printer if following instructions are not taken into consideration carefully. 

  • Try out experimenting with the setting if the brother printer connecting to wifi. You can explore the setting to update the printer driver of your printer. Using an outdated driver will make your printer ideal for not printing.
  • If your printer is having low to mark ink or overflowing ink in the cartridge then try to resolve this issue and bring the ink to the optimum amount. The spilling of ink may hinder your printer to print. 
  • In case your brother’s printer not printing anything then check out whether your computer and printer are connected to each other or not. In case not then go to the setting of your PC and select the brother printer in the printing option.
  • Do not forget to be mindful about ensuring the proper condition of your printer as it might have some broken parts which act as obstacles in the printing process. 
  • Avoid giving multiple instructions to your printer from the PC as it is going to be unfunctional due to over instructions and will fail to print as well. 



Once you will follow the aforesaid instructions religiously you will be able to get out of all the glitches associated with brother printer connected but not printing. This is because only these are few common reasons that are underlying for the not working of brother printer. In case the problem still persists then you can try out to solve the issue by switching off and on the printer time and again. That is how you can enjoy good printing going on with the use of your printer and do not ignore the proper maintenance and management of the printer if you want it to work for a long time.

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