Bright and lovely birthday flowers for Everyone

Birthdays are super special, refreshing and a moment of celebration for yourself. For a lavish or simple, for that matter, birthday party you would have a long checklist. You would have some definite items like cake, snacks, balloons but are flowers on there? If not, make sure to add those to your long list. Why? Well because flowers are a classic, amazingly chic yet easy to install and a huge variety. From birthday flowers installations to center pieces arrangement there is a wide variety and you can play around with these lovely flowers endlessly. This way you can also support your local florists and take a step towards sustainability. Here is list for you to choose from these are july birth flowers and more- 

  • Modern story

For this modern flower arrangement you would need some pretty flowers like stargazer lilies, you can choose any color but we would suggest pink, hot pink roses all fully bloomed and bright, nest up are lavenders which are known for their color and calming features, song with mini carnations, colorful baby breathe and some filler flowers and greens to complete the piece. This all together tied up with a long ribbon would look like a dream come true.

  • City story

This is kind of a last minute bouquet, when you are running late to a party already and don’t know what to take. Well flowers are just always there plus it’s always super sweet to get flowers. For this minimalist bouquet which is easily available you can get any flower you see or curate one on your by with pink roses, gerbera daisies, lilies, yellow button poms and tall green leaves. 

  • Pretty story

All flowers are pretty but these ones are your typical cute and sweet looking ones. You must have seen these flowers around so put these together with a new look, all you need are some assorted colorful gerbera daisies, red roses and white baby breaths to fill in any empty space. You can also go by a single colored daisies with white roses since they work well with any flower. 

  • Garden Story

A lovely, sunny, bright picnic day, this is exactly what this bouquet will remind you of. For this sunshine bouquet you must grab some  yellow english daisies and white ones too along with some ivory roses and yellow lilies and mini chrysanthemums, organized in a round vase. This would definitely look like a bright morning, with subtle yet bright colors, well balance is the word for this one. 

  • Orchid story

Going by the name you will most definitely need orchids, but with so many of them which one should you pick? Well you can take anyone you like buut w would recommend to go with cymbdium orchids. These are bigger than usual orchids and have a yellow tone to them. Get these arranged in an artistic way from your florist and ditch the traditional shape. You can add leather leaf ferns to this and some more greens. 

  • Enchanting story

Flowers always grab your attention, and if you look close enough you will find a new reason to keep looking every time. To have a romantic bunch which is enchanting like a fairy tale and make anyone feel like a princess. You would need some favorites like purple lilies, pink roses, alstroemeria, dianthus, button mums and some more. Set in a square clear vase, this is easy to carry and huge on impact. 

  • Purple story

For this luxury bunch all you need are some purple flowers. The color purple is known to represent luxury, wealth and royalty and that’s exactly what we are here for,a lavish bouquet that is easy on our pockets too. All you need are a bunch of purple asters, daisies, deep purple carnations, white daisies, and some greens and you are good to go. You can also add lilac and statice for some length. 

You can order flowers online without any hassle from your local florist and get a bunch that suits your theme, any day or time or time. Just book a flower arrangement online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

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