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Beaches and Business from them!


After the pandemic, the boom in the tourism industry is not a shock, people were caged in their homes for a long time. It was only natural that the urge to travel would grew after Covid19. Social Media channels, movies and TV series are another source that influence people to travel and explore these days.

So are you a mountain person or a beach person?

Apart from a few places that are a combination of both mountains and beaches, places that are only beaches are the most visited places in the world. According to The Guardian, there are only 50 most beautiful beaches in the whole world that ranges from Italy to Hawai, Thailand to Norway, these are the beaches you cannot miss if you are a beach person.

However, as we speak of beaches, if you are not a beach person, lets take a look at the places to visit in north goa other than beaches, there are many historical monuments in Goa including all the Churches, museums, temples and mosques. If you ever visit Goa, remember there’s more to it than just beaches.

Moving on, now lets talk about some business in these beachy tourist spots around the world.

Are you thinking in investing in the tourism industry? Or become an owner/entreprenuer and enjoy the view that comes with it? If yes, then let’s get started with some ideas that are profitable for you and your business.

If your preferred target audience is people who are interested in adventure and activities, then it might be a good idea for  you to setup an adventure club, which basically means that you can offer people with services like planning itinerary, booking tickets, planning adventurous activities for them i.e. hiking and trekking, river rafting and sky diving, paragliding and zip lining. This club will consist of everything from planning a itinerary to executing the itinerary.

If you are looking a laid back business idea with not much hustle then starting an transportation or shuttle taxi company might be a good idea. Once the initial investment and setup is done(which can start from one single and can grow gradually and can also run through online apps reducing the physical office costings), the only upgrades and investment you will require in the long run would be to increase the assets such cars/bikes/staff.

If you have an advantage of house that is located near a beach on tourist spot, your’re in for some good luck. You can simply provide your whole house or even one single room to tourists by becoming a host on apps like AirBnB and Booking.Com. This can be a a start for you to start saving and planning for future investment wherein you can multiply the number of houses or stays. Another advantage in this type of start-up is growing intetrets of people in staycation and workcation for which they only require stable internet and surreal view.

Next in the list is Ecotourism. Traveling and visiting new uncharted places that safeguard the environment while also looking after the welfare of the local people live in that area is what ecotourism is all about. This form of tourism is an obvious choice for nature enthusiasts who also enjoy adventurous travel. The ecotourism industry accounts for 6% of global GDP.

Aside from licences and permits, you must invest money in collaborations with service providers at the designated eco-tourism destinations. It is critical for an ecotourism planner to calculate the precise cost of the trip. Only you will be able to accurately price the tour packages.

If all the above mentioned are not your ideal business plans, then you can simple just “Learn and earn!”

Take a travel photography course and literally get paid to travel and click pictures! Sounds like pretty convientent idea. Another advantage you can get from this if you can take up a language course then you can get paid as a translator. A lot of government entities also require a translotaor  when they go to abroad or a non-english speaking country.

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