Role of AWS Solution Architect in 2022

AWS Solutions Architect is one of the most popular and sought-after careers. They are responsible for managing the entire cloud computing architecture of a company. These experts have a thorough understanding of the architectural concepts and technologies that are used to build and maintain the technical cloud strategy. They aid with successful cloud initiatives and analyse workload designs.

Aside from the increasing demand for AWS solutions architects, professionals in this sector may further their careers by transferring to higher positions within a firm or to other companies. Isn’t it fascinating?! Well, have you considered what the role of an AWS Solution Architect entails? Let’s talk about it today. In case you want to get certified and learn AWS skills, take a look at this AWS Solution Architect Certification training course.

Here are the key roles and responsibilities of AWS Solutions Architect that you need to know. Take a look at it.

Collaboration With Team and Clients

AWS Solution Architects collaborate with the development team at every stage of the project. The main objective of AWS SA would be to offer clients a safe, reliable, cost-effective, flexible, and simple solution. They create ideas, develop them and then execute them depending on client needs.

They’ll figure out which technology is ideal for you as well as make judgements to come up with the finest potential solution. They supervise the project and provide direction to the team members. They also adhere to their consumer’s feedback and requirements at every stage. Hence, The importance of collaboration throughout the process cannot be overstated and it is one of the key responsibilities of the AWS Training in Basel.

Fulfil Business Objectives

A solution architect is a critical component of any AWS project. They are project planners who plan the project according to the requirements of both the customers and stakeholders and communicators who look toward the broader vision. From designing to implementing the solution, solution architects are keenly interactive and fulfil the business objectives.

They assure the achievement of project objectives in advance and lay forth a comprehensive strategy for the developers to adopt. They continuously monitor that the project is working according to the budget, time, and requirements also. Their unique skill set enables experts to build and design cloud infrastructure specifically for your company.

Attention on Stakeholders’ Needs

Meeting Stakeholders’ Requirements is one of the most important goals to achieve while creating a software system. A solution architect’s job is to ensure that all specifications are carefully met. They have to keep stakeholders up to date on the procedure, strategy, and expenses of a software system on a regular basis.

They are also in charge of translating detailed overall intricacies into straightforward ones that everyone can understand. They make sure that stakeholders understand the idea and they are negotiable to it. In this way, they frequently contact the stakeholders as part of their role.

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Decision Making

Solution Architect is indeed the professional to whom stakeholders approach for help with cloud-related issues. The capacity to offer a strong, clear viewpoint with certainty ensures that the organisation is in excellent hands. It also shows that the cloud-based solutions they have advised are safe, robust, cost-effective, and maintained with continuous improvement.

They are responsible for making decisions regarding the solutions, strategies and in fact, everything related to the project. They make sure that the right product or solutions are developed to solve the business issues. These AWS Interview Questions will help you crack your interview as an AWS Solution Architect.

Problem Solving

On AWS, you’ll undoubtedly invest most of your working days designing and arranging robust, highly accessible systems. However, they are also responsible for some other things such as figuring out how to move an application to AWS. They should also find solutions to issues like data interpretation, data loss, or security issues.

They have to prevent data from leaking. They must account for common errors as well as application downtime. They may also be asked to advise on topics like projects’ efficiency and budget-related problems. In this way, They must deal with technological risks, issues, and ideas on a regular basis.

Interaction with the Sales team

As part of the overall sales team strategy, AWS Solutions Architects is responsible to establish active interaction with the sales team and customers. They collaborate and work with salespeople to discuss needs and demonstrate products. By interacting with the sales team, they understand the needs of the products the customer is expecting. They also find out the possible solution that a customer will be satisfied with.

They share the strategies and the best practices of the product they have launched so that it will be easy for the sales team to improve sales.


I think you have come to a conclusion about the role of AWS Solution Architect. The overall objective of the AWS Solution Architect is to successfully transform an idea into a real-time solution.

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