Advantages of staying at PG 

Advantages of PG 

What is equivalent to a home? A place where all the amenities and environment feel like home, right? Yes! Besides flats and hostels, PG is always the best backup option for people to stay. The environment, amenities, conveniences are all the perfect justifications for why one must choose Advantages of PG . A fully furnished place with all the basic needs for a living is what a PG must-have. Certain criteria must be checked before selecting a PG. If you are a gent employee or a student looking for the best PG, we are here to help you out!   

Advantages of staying at PG:

There are so many reasons and justifications why one must choose PG for living. Some of them are:

  • The cost of living is less when compared to flats and hostels.
  • All the needed facilities will be given in a PG.
  • You will have a separate cooking facility, inclusive of all the food you will get from PG’s side.
  • No separate electricity bills in PG.

What to check while looking for a PG?

  • Recreational activities:

Recreation must be a part of the routine, right? Imagine having a long day at work and heading to your PG. Wouldn’t you cherish seeing so many recreational activities? Check if your PG has at least the basic recreational games or activities for you to relax. What’s more than a weekend game or an ‘end of the day’ relaxation at your PG?

  • Well-Furnished room

As we all know, a home is where a person’s heart is, right? What makes people think that? It is the people, it is the environment, it is the whole feeling that makes people this. But, what about in a place apart from home? It is the place you choose to live, secondary. A PG must make people feel at home, with all its facilities. So, while choosing a PG, see if the PG has well-furnished rooms. Check if all the basic furniture is present in your PG.Well-Furnished room:

  • Properly equipped gym:

Most of us believe in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, right? See if your PG has gym facilities. Who would waste money on an external gym when you have the best gym facilities at your PG itself? If you are a fitness freak, get your priorities straight and start looking for the best PG with gym facilities! Search ‘gents pg near me’, and shortlist your PG.

  • TV and entertainment zone:

Imagine having a fun gang session with your friends at your PG, watching your favorite TV sessions. Sweet, right? Gather around your friends and have fun at your PG. entertainment can be of any form- TV, a home screen, games, and many more. Count your entertainment memories in your PG, and cherish them forever!

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  • Home style meals:

One of the main concerns in a PG is the food style. We know, nothing can even compare to food from our own homes, but when it comes to PG, your expectations for food can be highly matched, with the right PG on your list. The main difference between a flat or a hostel and PG is that PG foods can taste like your home-style meals. Hence, one may not miss their hometown or home, in certain perspectives. Make home-style meals main criteria while hunting for a PG.

  • Self-cooking facilities:

Food will be served at your PG itself. But for any situations of emergency, make sure you have the facilities to self-cook. Some days you may come home late, or leave early to your office. To make things easier, look for a PG that has a self-cooking facility, where the room member can cook by them self. Especially if you’re a man, a basic self-cooking facility or amenity is mandatory in your room. Even a small cup of noodles needs to be cooked independently. So, keep this as one of the main criteria while looking for a PG. 


In conclusion, gents who are looking for the best PG, check with all the above-mentioned criteria. If you think all of these criteria are satisfied, then go for it! Certain things may differ at PG when compared to your home. But make sure all the basic needs and demands are present in your pG before choosing it. Look for ‘pg near me for gents’ on the internet, and enlist your PG. 

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