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Add a Bohemian flair to your homes with these spellbinding lighting designs


Bohemian design language gained a lot of attention in a lot of domains, especially clothing, but this vivid yet flamboyant design has slowly crept into the interior design scene too and is at its zenith. Before we get ahead with the ideas, it is important to understand the roots of this design style to get a better understanding and give your home an opulent touch. 

The Bohemian culture came into existence in 19th century France after the French Revolution. This counterculture was developed by artists, performers, writers and the nomads who believed that creativity was always more valuable than money, which was an inspiration from the original Bohemians.

The Bohemian culture always refused to conform to what was accepted in general, inadvertently turning it into something that was not mainstream. The idea behind the Bohemian style is still intended to overturn the rules and adapt to something unconventional. 

Now sit back and look at all the details you have to get right with the Bohemian design and all the lighting fixtures that can beautifully complement this unconventional theme. 

  1. The Colour Palette 

There are basically no rules when it comes to the Bohemian design and that is the best part about it. But this design language usually avoids the primary colours that we see in our everyday life or the loud accent colours. You can go with some deeper shades of white, tan, pink, purple, orange, green or blue for your lighting designs. 

  1. The Design 

The bohemian design style is all about choosing the right textures and the right elements rather than creating shapes and fine lines in the decor like other design styles require. Apart from the lighting designs, we are going to tell you about, you can go with some modern and contemporary sculptures or some pottery to complement the theme. One thing that you need to remember is that you don’t have to worry about going loud with the Bohemian style as you can never go too much with this vivid design. 

3 Lighting designs to go for  

The best lighting designs for this design style become the metallic ones that boast a gold, silver, brass or chrome finish. Iron, antique bronze and rust finishes are also gaining popularity in the scene. Any lighting design with a slightly rustic vibe will be perfect for your bohemian decor. If metal lighting designs are not your first preference then you can go with some lighting designs flaunting textured glass to grace your space with a distinct aura. 

What kind of lighting fixtures will suit the theme best? 

If you want to go for a chandelier then you might have to see if it suits the theme well. Pendant lights, LED ceiling lights, table lamps, and floor lamps will be perfect for your Bohemian decor. You have to pay extra attention to give optimum lighting to your common spaces like the living room and the dining room. Create a spellbinding ambience in these spaces with metal chandeliers or the opulent dining table chandeliers.

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