A Summary Of Your Options you should expect from a two bedroom granny flats builder

With them becoming more sought-after, people are beginning to think – what is an apartment with two bedrooms comprise? A two-bedroom granny apartment is a great alternative to an apartment , it’s easy to maintain and comes in a variety of choices. But, like your house, it’s adaptable and can be altered to meet your requirements You can ask your two bedroom granny flats builder like Granny Flat Solutions to  include additional bathrooms, more storage space as well as more windows, doors, and more.

Granny Flat 2 Bedroom Designs

Granny flats with 2 bedrooms are becoming more popular because the styles of today are designed to appear and feel like luxury homes. It is possible to customize them to fit your home’s style by altering the size of the internal rooms, the roof, and the location of doors and windows.

A refreshing alternative to the typical granny flat with a bedroom, which is ideal to a single tenant or two at the most. more effort is being placed into a 2 bedroom granny flat, which can offer;

  • Variety, featuring modern and functional and comfortable designs.
  • Storage space is always needed or rooms for guests to stay over.
  • These can also have a deck outside

The cost of building a two bedroom granny flat

If you choose a builder to make your granny flat, the cost for a two-bedroom granny flat is $120,000or more

In this amount and for this size, the standard features that builders usually offer include:


  • Liner for your walls and ceiling.
  • There are a variety of options for cornice (EXCEPT straight-edged).
  • Bedrooms with built-in closets (without mirrors).
  • Flooring.
  • Skirting & Architraves.
  • Painting (both both exterior and interior).
  • A washing machine that has splashbacks in the tub, as well as the cold and hot taps.
  • Hot water from gas bottled in a system.
  • Kitchen equipped with electric oven, cook-top and tiled splashback. Slide-out rangehood and benches (generally stone, but laminate may be more expensive).
  • Bathroom with glass screen and shower and skirting tiles. Also bathroom vanity, toilet made of ceramic towel rail toilet roll holder, and fan/light.
  • Smoke detector with hard wire.
  • 1 x external sensor light.
  • 1 . Internal Distribution Board.
  • 10 double power points.
  • 1 TV aerial as well as a connection.
  • 6 x oyster lights.
  • 1 x Telephone connection point.


  • Structural frame.
  • Windows & Glass Sliding Doors.
  • Cladding.
  • Insulation.
  • A Wall Ceiling (height 2.44m) and the roof cover (concrete tile or colorbond).
  • Termite Control.
  • Roofing, Eaves & Verges.
  • Services that are connected: Stormwater gas,  electricity & Phone, Water Sewerage,, services from the main residence (to an unspecified distance).

It is crucial to be aware it is important to note that for major part, this price will not include

  • Electrical work, roughly $5000.
  • Metering systems – If electricity, water, or gas meters aren’t connected from the main house and instead needs to be independently fed from the street, meters must be put in place.
  • Plumbing essentials – $5000 plus.
  • It will cost more since professionals like electricians with electrician with a level 2 certification will be needed.
  • Privacy i.e. fencing, landscaping, especially when you plan to rent out your granny flat, you might need to pay more for security features, which could be as high as $3000.
  • Other expenses – You should keep in mind Council costs, for instance the ones that cover certifications, inspections and contributions.


Granny flats with two bedrooms are becoming more in recent years. It’s not difficult to see why – they’re perfect for those who want to live a low-maintenance lifestyle and come with all the advantages of a home.

You no longer have to feel constrained by the restrictions of a one bedroom flat that can only accommodate one person, or perhaps just a couple.

A contemporary 2 bedroom granny apartment has an even greater

  • The focus should be upon natural lighting and practical design.
  • A room for family members or friends to stay over.
  • Storage space to store your possessions.

They also come with a lot more options, and they can be completely customized to fit the style of your home, your space and the main residence you are using. So you can;

  • Get them fully equipped.
  • Change the dimensions of the rooms inside.
  • Make a change to the roof in order to add a splash of color or join the primary residence
  • Relocate the positions of the doors and windows.

The greatest thing about two bedroom granny flats is that they provide enough space to customize the design to fit your preferences.

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