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A Short Guide To Creating a Wikipedia Page in 7 Easy Steps


Wikipedia page is the topmost ranking website on the browser. It contains more or less around 26 million pages ranked on the first search page of the search engine. So, in case you succeed in creating a page on Wikipedia then it will be a great achievement that will be beneficial for you in the long term.

It is a sole encyclopedia that can be edited over and over again. An editor can update the page with the latest happenings to make the readers aware of what’s new according to the particular topic. Other than the English language, it also encourages other languages too. The Wikipedia content is written in almost 300 languages. 

Wikipedia always urges its writers and editors to get strictly committed to its policies regarding the creation of the account, creation of the page, creation of the content, and editing of the content.

There are a few easy steps following which one can create an effective wikipedia page. 

The creation of the Wikipedia Account

In case you want to create a wikipedia page, at first, you have to create a wikipedia account which is quite a long journey. As earlier you create a wikipedia account as earlier you will get to start the Wikipedia page creation process. The creation of a Wikipedia account is far simpler but if you do not pay much attention, it will bring a lot of difficulty for you. So, let’s begin this journey.

  • Open your browser
  • search for Wikipedia account creation URL and open the official site.
  • click on the account creation button, which you will find on the Wikipedia site.
  • Enhance the requisite information including the username and password.
  • Click on the ‘create your account option.
  • Apply to get promoted to an auto confirmed user.

Opt for the unique topics for your writing

Choose a unique and interesting topic to add to your page. It is important to carefully choose the content and must not be picking out any randomly. Choose those topics that you think can be considered hot topics these days so that your audience will be motivated till the end.

Spot your Target Audience

The target audience is the set of individuals with specific characteristics whom you should target in order to provide them with a specific message to attain your purposes. In case you research deeply about the target audience then you will learn to understand which type of content your target audience would like to read.

Discover dependable statistics to support your write-up.

It is important to add stats taken from the most credible resources in order to support your writing piece. This is what brings credibility and authenticity to your work and the people will become self-motivated and encourage others to read the content written by you because it will seem authentic to them after adding stats from credible resources.

Edit the article, check spelling, grammatical errors

After content creation then it’s time to oversee the content. Your content would be considered good if it does not have any linguistic faults, has no fight of interests, has short sentences, and should be flawlessly organized. Review and edit each and every part of info that you are adding in content to publish.

Submit Your Page after editing

Once you are satisfied with the editing part then now it is the time for the submission of the page. For this purpose, you need to send your content to Wikipedia authorities for the purpose of review. They will publish your content and inform you via email and in case your page does not follow their guidelines properly then they will reject it without thinking further.

Keep a constant eye on your page, update it.

Once your page gets published, now it’s your responsibility to keep it up to date, add the latest stats, facts, or graphs whatever the requirement is so that you will not lose your potential audience. Otherwise, your audience will get bored by continuously reading the same content without any further edits. That is why it is vital to keep your eye on the page and edit it regularly with the latest relevant updates.

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Film?

In case you are working for the promotion of any film and its content and now wondering about how to create a wikipedia page for a film then you should know that there are no specific guidelines to be followed in order to create a wikipedia page for a film. You just have to follow the ones properly that are mentioned above. Guidelines for the page creation will remain the same, no matter for which purpose you are going to create a wikipedia page.

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