A guide to Thekkady visit in Kerela


Thekkady is India’s largest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala State. It is a dream destination for tourists visiting India. Surki dam was built across Peryiar, which is 120 years old and is a major tourist attraction. The sanctuary is surrounded by artificial lakes. The sanctuary is spread over an area of 777 Sq.Km and the artificial lakes cover 25 Sq.Km.

Thekkady is the country’s sole tiger reserve. It has a treasure of tropical flora and fauna, with different endangered species, and has a rich culture of tribal people. It is the go-to place for people who love nature and are fond of wildlife.

It has altitude is 700m above sea level. It is located in the Idukki district of Kerela. If anyone wants adventure, fun, wildlife, flora, and fauna, it is the perfect retreat. It is in between the evergreen and the semi-evergreen forests of the Western Ghats. This place has a lot to offer to the tourist who visits here.You can sight the bison, the Asian elephants,wild squirrels, tigers, leopards, sambar deer, lion-tailedmonkeys, etc.

The Kerala Tourism and Development Corporation has arranged boats so that tourists could enjoy the wildlife and naturewhile on a boat ride. You could see a herd of elephants and how they move in groups. It is an unforgettable experience. It takes two hours to finish the boat ride. You can sight the walls of Mullaperiyar dam at the end of the ride.

Thekkady offers a chill climate that refreshesone’s mind and body. The forest area and around the forest are strictly uninhabited by the Forest Department. This is done to preserve the natural essence of the area. The nearest town to Thekkady is Kumily and it is 4 kilometers apart from the jungle area. It is a calm town. The town is also a place for shopping for handicrafts, spices, and clothes.


At a reasonable price, you get to ride the elephant. Do not miss that. With these rides, you can go deep into the jungle and get to see the wildlife very nearby. It is a very thrilling experience. Trekking with the help of guides can also be done. You will find no difficulty with accommodation as there are luxurious hotels and homestays and resorts. You can enjoy the natural essence of Thekkady while staying in these Thekkady resorts and hotels.

You can visit other places around the National Park like Chellar Kovil, Anakkara, Mangla Devi Temple,etc. To reach Thekkady you can get down at Madurai Airport or Cochin and take the bus to Thekkady. Busses are very frequent. The railway station which is nearest is Madurai and Kochi. 

There is no particular season you need to keep in mind while visiting Thekkady, it is a destination good for all seasons. The climate is cool and serene and it lets you explore all places beautifully. In winter most festivals take place in Thekkady. The summer season would not be pleasant however the rush is low at this time and the hotels are cheaper than usual. If you are not a person who likes rush, this is the season you should visit Thekkady. Monsoon is also another time you can explore this region. The real beauty is to enjoy this time. If you are a person who loves the rain, do not miss this season.

Food in Thekkady:

Thekkady has mixed cuisine as it has the influence of both states of Kerela as well as Tamil Nadu. The local eateries will show you the combination. The local cuisines of spices meat and delicious seafood are found here along with tasty idli, dosas, and appams. There is no particular cuisine of Thekkady but the combination of the two cuisines gives the food a unique taste.Bamboo Café, Thekkady Café, Spice Garder Resturant are some of the nice resturants to eat at.

Weather in Thekkady:

Thanks to the heavy forest cover and the preserved natural flora and fauna Thekkady has a pleasant climate. In summers the weather gets hotter and humidity increases as well as the temperature increases to 36 degrees. But still, the weather stays pleasant in the evening. It is at its best in the winter as the weather is good for trekking and hiking. The temperature then is around 15 to 24 degrees making it an ideal time. The rainfall is very heavy but the monsoon has its unique romantic charms. 

Local Customs in Thekkady:

Malayalam is spoken in the state and is the local language of Thekkady. The literacy rate of Keralais very high you will find most of the people speaking English so there won’t be any trouble with the language barrier. There are some festivals celebrated in Thekkady during the winter the Sabarimala Temple Festival and the Thaipusam festival being two of them. Chithra Purnami is the most famous festival in Thekkady. Purnami celebration is another festival that happens in the summer and is the only time when the Mangaladevi temple is open to the devotees.

The different places you can go while in Thekkady are as follows;


Periyar Lake in Thekkady is an artificial lake top. A boat ride or cruise could be one of the best experiences in the Thekkady district.

Murikkady:  It is around 5 km away from Thekkady and can easily woo you with its promising beauty. Spices like cardamom, pepper, and some coffee plantations can be seen out here.

Mudra Cultural Centre:  this is one of the must-visit places of Thekkady. The Mudra Cultural Centre is famous for its cultural events. They involve traditional dance forms like Kathakali and also you would get to see India’s oldest form of martial arts, kalarippayattu.

Mangla Devi Temple: This is a major attraction in Thekkady. Mangla Devi Temple symbolizesthe moral powers possessed by women.

Abraham’s Spice Garden: With scenic charm and spice-scented place the place is one of the go-to while in Thekkady. 

Thus, here is a complete guide to Thekkady’s visit so make up your mindand start packing for the fun-filled holiday.

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