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A Guide For Landing Your First Internship In Digital Marketing in 2023


According to Digital Uncovered, there are over 853 digital marketing agencies in Dubai and the UAE at large. People from many walks of life are becoming interested in the emerging subject of digital marketing. The demand for candidates with experience in digital marketing has increased as the digital world continues to grow. However, the truth is that if you lack experience, few businesses will recruit you.

Therefore, doing an internship before entering the field of digital marketing is the simplest. You can eventually begin to rise up the ranks and transition into a full-time worker for either the same or a new organization.

Now, guidance on how to secure an internship in digital marketing in 2022

Create a personal portfolio

Many advertising agencies in Dubai and businesses around the world request the URLs of social networks like LinkedIn. That’s all well and good, but you can raise the bar on this.

What if you created your entire portfolio online?

This will assist in setting you apart from the numerous applications. Additionally, it will demonstrate to potential employers that you are truly passionate about digital marketing.

The website might realistically contain anything, including your projects, and resume, or it could even be centered on subjects in which you have a genuine interest. With the abundance of online resources at your disposal, building a simple website is actually not that tough. There are a ton of instructional YouTube videos available on this subject.

Additionally, you’ll need to learn more about digital marketing when you build your own website. You’ll be required to learn about SEO, tracking metrics, the various website builders on the market, content marketing, and more, all of which will help you stand out from the competition and improve your skills as a digital marketer.

Attend a certification program

Online certificates that are available for free or a fee make it simple to gain digital marketing abilities. Any field requires some level of theoretical knowledge before it can be used in practice. Additionally, it will help you determine which area of digital marketing you want to concentrate on the most.

Additionally, there are broad courses in digital marketing as well as those that are more focused on SEO, content marketing, SEM, paid-to-advertise, copywriting, etc. Here is a Google-created course that is entirely free and of high quality: Digital Unlocked: Digital Marketing Foundations.

You can search “Free Digital Marketing Courses” on Google if this isn’t your cup of tea. They are in great number!


The golden rule for any job search is networking.

Network! You can learn a lot and experience a lot in a short period of time. Networking with people who have more experience than you will greatly aid you in reducing the learning curve, especially in a broad industry like digital marketing.

Not getting a job or even a referral from them should be your main objective when networking. You should just concentrate on establishing a relationship with them, adding value to them, and picking up as much information and expertise as you can from them.

Request for Feedback

If you want to advance, this is most likely what you need to focus on.

Ask yourself where you went wrong if you’ve been going to interviews for internships in digital marketing but haven’t been able to pass them. You will develop greatly as a person thanks to this information. 

The company might have simply been seeking someone with a little more experience, so it won’t always be your fault. However, in order to be certain, you must learn to get input from others.


The realm of digital marketing is enormous. Once you really begin working, you’ll see the many opportunities available. Under the guidance of professionals, a digital marketing internship will help you focus on the thing that you want to perform particularly. In the UAE, there are tons of competent and reputable digital advertising companies in Dubai and other cities that would be willing to give you an internship placement. 

Prism Digital; a digital advertising company in Dubai is always looking to hire creative and passionate talent to join their team.  Visit their website on Prism and send your resume for a chance to get your first digital marketing internship in a leading company. 



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