9 Must-Haves For This Summer 2022

Warm clothes are hidden in the far corners of the closet until autumn, cozy sweaters are replaced by flying dresses, closed shoes – light open sandals, frowned eyebrows – joyful smiles. Because summer is the time for seductive, cheerful and colorful outfits. If you suddenly find that is already in full swing, and you have absolutely nothing to wear – it does not matter! After all, shopping is always a holiday for the soul. Summer shopping is a double holiday. Let’s get dressed up?

Summer base

Summer is the season for inexpensive, light, and very comfortable items made of natural fabrics that can be easily combined with each other.

  • Bottoms: pants, shorts, skirts: An invariable must-have of a summer wardrobe is light trousers, shorts, or breeches for the sultry heat and light jeans for cool evenings.
  • When making travel plans and packing for a trip, do not forget the most crucial women skirts NZ and other distinctive apparels.
  • Light classic, naughty denim, or romantic flying – when, if not in summer, you can flaunt in skirts, exposing your legs to the gentle sun! You can even get Grinch pajamas online for this.
  • Dress: This season, designers offer us a variety of styles of light summer dresses. Choose them, relying primarily on your taste and figure.
  • T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, blouses: If the bottom of the summer wardrobe, as a rule, is monophonic, then choosing the top you can let your imagination run wild! Bright colors, intricate prints – absolutely everything is allowed! There are never too many T-shirts. If you wish, you can generally limit yourself to one skirt and a pair of trousers for the whole summer. But change T-shirts and T-shirts more often. It will give the impression that you have a new outfit every day.
  • Summer knitwear: In case of cool weather, a sweater, jacket, sweatshirt, or cardigan made of lightweight knitwear is always useful
  • Shoes: Open sandals and sandals are an essential attribute of it. For cool weather, slip-on, espadrilles, sneakers and half-sneakers, moccasins, and ballet flats, fashionable this season, are perfect again. For formal occasions, always keep a pair of high-heeled shoes ready.

Summer accessories

Summer is the time for the implementation of the most daring images. Accessories play an important role in their creation. They place key accents and add zest.

  • Sunglasses not only protect our eyes. With their help, you can radically change your appearance, and become mysterious and interesting. The color and shape of the frame can be absolutely anything, if it suits you. The main rule is the absence of flashy logos.
  • Sun headdress: You can’t do without a scorching sun headdress, which should be chosen based on the image: romantic wide-brimmed hats, sports caps, or oriental turbans.
  • The bag is a functional accessory. In the summer, a beach set, a light snack, and a bottle of water live in it. Therefore, the bag should be roomy enough, but at the same time light. An excellent solution is a wicker or fabric bags. Leather handbags are still relevant for going to the office, but let them be bright and mischievous.
  • Jewelry: Bracelets are the main summer decoration. They are worn both on the wrists and on the ankles. A bright accent can also be a woven leather strap or a light scarf. Boho-style jewelry is still in trend. Let your imagination run wild and be bold! After all, everything is possible in the summer!
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