7 Most Stylish and Comfortable Shoes for Summers

Shoes for Summers

We are discussing fashionable shoes for summers in which you will be comfortable both in the city and on vacation. In summer, you want to wear the simplest and breathable shoes, because this time is just made for long walks. For years we had to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Remember, all day in heels in the heat? Let’s face it, it’s still fun! But this season, convenience comes first.

Lace-up sandles

Sandals are indispensable shoes in the heat. With them, you can create successful urban and vacation images. Lace-up models are relevant. It can be made of rope or leather. The first option is more suitable for the resort, the second is casual.

White sandles are considered the most suitable option for the summer. But there is also a less easily soiled alternative – beige, brown.

Sports sandals

Sports shoes are actively moving beyond the gym and appearing in everyday life. Sports sandles are relevant this summer. For the most part, such models look massive, but in fact, they are weightless and comfortable Shoes for Summers.

Sports sandles can be combined with whatever your heart desires. The tandem of rough sandles and a feminine dress looks interesting: the game in contrast gives the image a “zest”.

White sneakers

White sneakers and sneakers are a must-have for today’s fashionista. These shoes do not lose their relevance in which season in a row. It can be worn with almost everything. The only exceptions are really classic fitted trousers and skirt suits, evening dresses, skinny, flared and black socks, and tights.

In general, sneakers and sneakers go well with summer dresses, culottes, skirts, overalls, and trouser suits for men. They bring a note of playfulness to the image, making it relaxed, but at the same time not at the expense of femininity Shoes for Summers.


Loafers are comfortable basic shoes. They are also called “loafers”, which are associated with the English translation of the word. These are shoes without laces, similar to moccasins, but with a stable and low heel. They come in a variety of colors, but classic blacks, navy blues, or nudes go with everything. It is especially worth paying attention to this model for women working in an office where a dress code is in effect.


Mules are not as hot a trend as they were in previous seasons, but mules are still relevant. Fashionistas love them for their comfort and for adding style to an outfit. They can be worn with overalls, trouser suits, dresses, and midi skirts, with wide trousers and cropped jeans.


A couple of seasons ago, rough flip-flops of the Birkenstock brand became popular with us, although European fashionistas have long appreciated the convenience of these orthopedic shoes. Given the growing demand for Birkenstocks, the mass market decided to share the popularity of the German brand. Now slippers ala Birkenstocks can be found in almost any store. Why not try this model?

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Shoes without a heel with a strap

Shoes without a heel and with a strap at the back resemble mules, but they are more comfortable. Due to the strap, the shoes do not fly off the foot. Relevant low-heeled shoes. Shoes with a “baby heel” have many advantages: they fit into any look, look elegant, and do not create inconvenience Shoes for Summers.

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