7 Cool Accessories To Add On In Your New Land Rover

Land Rover

Land Rover is one of the few car-making companies that care about your personal preferences. They make lots of accessories for users like you to leverage. The aim is to grant you more ease, comfort ability, and fun while using your Land Rover. 

One of the Land Rovers, recently reintroduced after a brief oblivious period, is the Defender. It was brought back to the scene of great cars as a premium SUV, not just a regular off-roader. The best part? This luxury car and other Land Rovers in its class now have many accessories to create a buzz and have fun at the peak.

Take a look at these seven cool accessories to add to your land rover. 

  1. Ute Roof Racks

Are you a lover of adventure and off-road car trips? Do you also love picnics and hangouts? Then you need to get the ute roof racks as part of your accessory add-ons to your Land Rover. This is the tool you need if you’ve been wondering how to carry your bike and other bulky equipment to your preferred location while traveling on your Land Rover. With a ute roof rack attached to the roof of your car, you can load up all your bulky equipment and luggage on top of your vehicle. The racks are designed to accommodate and protect your luggage while you enjoy the space within the car. 

2. Air Intake

This Land Rover accessory is convenient and helpful if you want to take your car for off-road adventures regularly. Raised air intake as an aftermarket accessory for you and your rover will provide unrestricted access to filtered air while off-road. Going off-road is accompanied by dust and impure air. That’s why the air entering your engine should be filtered. This accessory does your car to swallow up air from an elevated position. This works with your car’s existing air intake vent, taking air in from the A-pillar. 

3. Protective Film

This is a fantastic innovation by Land Rover-a satin protective film for the car. It is finishing paint protection made of satin and designed to add elegance and top-notch security to your Land Rover. In simple terms, this protective film is a wrap that’s applied to your land rover. The purpose of the wrap is, as the name implies, to keep the integrity of your car’s paint when you take it off-road. So you don’t have to worry about frequent repaints and patch-ups when you use your “off-roader” Land Rover for its true purpose.

4. Jump Seat

The front jump seat is another fantastic add-on to your land rover. This is feasible in Land Rovers because they allow for a unique set-up where the gear lever and AC controls are placed closer to the car’s dashboard. Then the center console is concreted into a storage area. This storage space can be converted to something else, such as placing a jump seat there. That’s more space and extra seats. On the flip side, the seat can be used as an armrest or cup holder. Three functions in one. 

5. Waterproof Awning

The inflatable waterproof awning is another excellent accessory you should try out as a new land rover owner. Just like the name implies, it is fit for use for picnics. It is easy to carry and set up anywhere you choose. This piece of wonder is constructed to have an inflatable air beam. The beam was designed to deploy very fast in a case where sudden showers or harsh rays of sunlight become an issue. 

To use this accessory, you can fit the beam either to the sides or to the back of your Land Rover SUV. The cool part is that the stirrup pump is a part of the kit. With this beautiful addition, you can inflate the awning in less than five minutes. 

6. Illuminated Tread Plate

Did you know you can now have a personalized illuminated tread plate as an accessory for your new Land Rover? This is not just cool, but it is classy and fantastic. This entails installing a tread plate on the driver’s and passenger’s side door sills with your personalized names engraved. This is where your creativity and funkiness come in. You can select your preferred message or name in specific fonts and typefaces to engrave on the tread plate. And when the front door is opened? They light up, and viola, you see your personalized message or name. 

7. Rinse System

A portable rinse system is another wonderful accessory for Land Rovers. It doesn’t matter if you’re going off-road or not in adventure mode. Do you ever feel like you could wash your boots before nesting your car or placing them in the boots? That’s what this fantastic land rover accessory is designed to help you achieve. The rinse system has been programmed to deliver at least two minutes of continuous water flow. The water flows through a showerhead type of nozzle, and the system doesn’t even require batteries or any power source. 


Car accessories are essential, though not compulsory. What’s a cake without icing on it? Your new Land Rover would have a fresh look and give you more joy and ease with these accessories in place. Of keen interest is the use of ute roof racks. You should try it out to spice up your next travel. 

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