6 Hats That Are in Trend This Spring and Summer


The first warm days are the time when you want to change balaclavas, hoods, and winter hats for lighter and more stylish hats. In spring and summer, caps and Panama hats not only help create a trendy look but also protect hair from direct sunlight. In the material, we talk about what hats stylists recommend adding to the spring-summer wardrobe.

Kerchiefs and scarves

Silk kerchiefs and shawls won universal love and returned to the world catwalks. For several seasons, designers have recommended wearing them both separately and in combination with a baseball cap or Panama.

If you have not had time to get a stylish silk scarf or scarf yet, pay attention to plain and colorful models with trendy prints. Such an accessory will not only protect your hair from wind and sun but will also harmoniously fit into any image.

Baseball cap

A timeless classic that allows you to create a minimalistic but stylish look, this season remains at the peak of popularity.The main advantage of baseball caps or dad hats is that they go well with T-shirts and classic jeans, as well as with more feminine clothes.

The main thing is to choose high-quality baseball caps with even seams, as well as fashionable prints or stripes. In order not to be mistaken, give preference to a headdress made of dense fabrics. For example, natural denim, cotton, or linen.

Straw hat

The most spectacular and photogenic headdress of this spring and summer is a wide-brimmed straw hat. It goes well with light summer dresses and sundresses, as well as with oversized shirts and classic jackets.

Both classic wide-brimmed straw hats and models with bright ribbons, raw or curved edges are relevant. Choose a model that meets your requirements and boldly go to a photo shoot in the summer sun or to the beach.


A stylish alternative to the classic baseball cap is the visor. This headpiece is ideal for those who love fashion experiments, and sporty and casual style.

To make the image spectacular, choose visors in bright colors that are relevant this year. Plastic transparent visors will look unusual in combination with futuristic cut clothes.


Denim, nylon, patent, with or without a pattern: this spring and summer panama can look different. Stylists recommend wearing this headpiece not only with sports jackets and oversized t-shirts, but also in one look with feminine dresses and funny shirts.

And if you know how and love to knit, try to make your own panama using the crochet technique. Knitted hats have become especially popular during the quarantine period and symbolize optimism, fresh ideas, and courage.

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Hats with a medium-width brim and a low crown became popular back in the 19th century. Since then, the fedora has become a classic headdress that remains relevant to this day. Moreover, this unisex accessory is considered a kind of symbol of the struggle for women’s rights.

This season, fedoras of various types are popular: velvet, straw and contrasting ribbons. Pair your hat with casual or normcore for a stylish look.

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