5 Hacks To Make Remote Python Developer Hiring Better 


Python has become a go-to programming language for almost every business. It has also been attributed as the most in-demand coding and query language for 2021-2022. Therefore, it is undeniable that python developers have huge demand. Python developers have the capability to offer diverse solutions in different areas, from web applications to gaming apps.

When a business starts looking for a python developer, the primary focus lies in ensuring that it hires a skilled developer. If you are stuck with a bad hire, the finance of the project will drain without any visible outcome. Hence, you must ensure to choose the right candidate amongst multiple similar applications. The process of hiring python developers further adds to the challenge of acquiring the best talent. Here are 5 precious tips that can aid your hiring strategy to hire python developer in the market.

Create a job description that piques interest

When hiring a remote python developer, it is essential to attract the best talents through a well-defined and attractive job description. The job offer or job ads must contain a job description that clearly states the requirement of the candidate such as years of experience, technical area expertise, etc. as well as the benefits of the job. Mentioning the criteria of the right candidate helps in screening out the eligible candidates automatically. When your job description highlights the facilities of the job offered, it piques the interest of the talents to apply for the job.

Therefore, a job description must be created in such a way that it interests python developers by standing out in the crowd of thousands of job advertisements. You may also include a peek into the project and team that the selected candidate will be working on.

Assess through relevant coding tests

After screening several applications, when you finally shortlist a few candidates, it’s time to assess whether their resume matches their skills. The best way of determining the candidate’s capability in python is through a python coding test. A short test on the programming language cuts down the time of dealing with candidates who are not fit for the job.

While designing the test, two things must be kept in mind. First, the test must be short, say about 10-15 mins. Second, the test must be designed with the perspective of the complexity of the project requirement. You may either opt for an entry-level algorithm or advanced debugging test as the job role demands. It’s always a good idea to design a test that helps in assessing both the analytical as well as numerical skills of the developers. Evaluation of the skills of candidates becomes easier with test cases.

Never neglect soft skills

Apart from technical expertise, what are the most important skills that you cannot neglect while hiring a remote python developer? It’s the soft skills. When the developers are working remotely, it is essential to assess whether they can communicate well and work as a team with the other employees.

Miscommunication can become a great barrier to the progress of your project. Therefore, you must evaluate the soft skills of the candidates to prevent stagnation in the project. Critical thinking and problem-solving abilities are two other important soft skills that you must look for while hiring a remote python developer.

Organize Pair programming sessions

Pair programming is one of the most crucial final steps in the quest of hunting for the best python developer for your project. In this session, the technical interviewer engages with the candidate while executing the online test.

Pair programming sessions facilitate the technical interviewer to provide the development environment for the candidate while making a real-time assessment of his/her skills. It enables you to evaluate the coding skills as well as the collaboration skills of the candidate to work with the in-house technical team.

Opt for staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is the service of temporarily hiring an expert python developer for your project. With staff augmentation, you can get access to specialist skills without going through the lengthy time-consuming recruitment cycle. Moreover, you can get a temporary python specialist who abides by your company rules without full-time recruitment aids. It is a cost-efficient method of hiring the best python developer.

Benefits of staff augmentation

  • Access to expertise: Staff augmentation gives you access to expert python developers who can contribute to your project.
  • Scalability: You enjoy the flexibility of scaling up or down as per the project requirement. You may let go of the talent when the project requirement is complete.
  • Temporary employment: When appointing a full-time employee, the business incurs hiring expenses, salary, and other recurring expenses. In the case of staff augmentation, you can save on such expenses as you appoint the skill contractually without any future commitment.
  • Scope of expansion: Staff augmentation opens up new avenues for scaling your business without draining your financials as well as without compromising the quality.

Staff augmentation is the new-age outsourcing option for businesses that want expertise but do not have the budget to retain specialists. It serves as an innovative solution to meet emerging market demands. Unlike traditional outsourcing, you do not need to give up control and management. The remote employees hired through staff augmentation serve as the employees of your company. Staff augmentation has become a popular alternative to traditional staffing of supplying the best talents for a specific duration to the companies.

The Bottom Line

As python has earned its popularity and functionality in different spheres of IT projects, it is imperative to hire the best python developer. The best way to do this is by looking at the skill sets and not just the qualifications. Also, it is important to look at the cultural fit, as this can go a long way in achieving success. Finally, you can go in for a mix of on-site and off-site staff and save on space, as well as keep both your employees and the remote Python Developer engaged. Ecosmob offers staff augmentation services to help companies get access to the best skills cost-effectively. To know more about their staff augmentation services, visit their website

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