5 best ways to achieve 1000 followers on Instagram


Instagram is a huge social media platform that has taken over the world. Almost everyone uses Instagram and it has become a huge part of our daily life. Instagram can help to make various tasks a lot easier and more convenient. Many trends on social media start through Instagram. It is also a great app for helping you to get more exposure. If you have a brand or a business that you wish to promote, you can always do it on Instagram. Instagram has become all about numbers nowadays. The more followers and engagement you have the more popular you are on the app. This also affects your credibility and your content. People will not find you authorised enough if you do not have a particular number of followers. 

For an average Instagram account, a thousand followers is a basic necessity. If you have 1000 followers, you will have an audience that will consume your content. Many people wish to grow their followers and evolve their accounts into something bigger. Getting success on Instagram is highly beneficial, therefore, everyone wants it. Your views on videos also can help you build a better reputation for yourself on Instagram. Therefore, many people buy Instagram views. There are many sites online which can help you increase engagement of your Instagram account. If you wish to grow your followers, then keep reading this article. Here are the 5 best ways to achieve 1000 followers on Instagram:

  • Make quality content: 

The quality of your content is highly important to your Instagram account. Instagram is an entertainment platform. Therefore, people wish to find visually appealing content here. Therefore, you need to be creative with the way you design your posts and videos. You need to use various secondary editing apps and use photoshop to make them look high quality. If your photos aren’t attractive, they will mostly get ignored. This is because there is a large amount of competition on Instagram. Therefore, people can find many other amazing posts if not yours. You can also edit your videos and make them more graphical. Make sure that the camera you used to click your pictures and shoot your videos is in HD. Also, use mics of good quality so that your sound is clear.

  • Use hashtags: 

Using hashtags is highly beneficial to your account. Hashtags can act as a great link between you and your target audience. When people want to find an account on Instagram, all they need to do is search for the account in the search bar. Hence, if you use the hashtag that they search for, you could appear as one of the recommendations. This will help you to expose your account to a larger audience and gain a wider reach. Eventually, you will gain more followers as more people start to discover you. 


In addition, you should make sure that you are using trending hashtags. These are hashtags that are being used the most at a particular time. Therefore, only these hashtags are going to help you to gain more attention. Hashtags also help you appear on the algorithm of Instagram more and therefore, appear on explore pages a lot more as well.

  • Have an organised account:

If you truly wish to gain followers, you need to make sure that your account is attractive, aesthetic and well-organised. If your account looks messy, no one will even look at it. When people visit your profile, they need to see a feed which is highly aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, they will wish to see more of this and will follow you. You can base your feed on the particular colour theme and follow elements of that throughout all of your posts. You can also click some unique pictures which will attract more people. Besides that, you can also use various templates to create joint posts which look highly attractive. Many secondary apps can help you organise your feel better.

  • Right good quality captions:

Surprisingly, even though Instagram is mostly a visual platform, captions can also make a huge difference. You can write various types of captions by using attractive writing styles. If your captions are something that connects well with the audience, people might follow you. Your words can play a huge part in the growth of your account. You can use various writing styles like poetic, humorous, sarcastic, empowering, informational, and many more.  Make sure that all of your captions are based on your content. Quality captions will give people the idea that you know what you are doing and that you have a great understanding of your content. 

  • Collaborate: 

After all, Instagram is an app that was made for communicating. This doesn’t just mean communicating with your friends and family, but it can also be in communicating with the entire world. You can find various other accounts similar to yours and collaborate with them. Collaborating is a great way to attract a large audience. It is also almost like you are exchanging your audiences. Moreover, there are some highly already established accounts on Instagram. These accounts are called influencers. 

Influencers have a high number of followers who are very loyal to them. These followers keep up with them at all times and highly trust them. Therefore, collaborating with them will give you a lot of attention. It will also expose you to a whole new audience. If you collaborate with influencers, more people will get familiar with you. This can help you gain a lot more followers and people will want to keep up with you as well. 

These were the 5 best ways to achieve 1000 followers on Instagram. We hope that this article can help you grow your followers on Instagram effectively.

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