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We are living in a digital era where every business is now shifting to online marketplaces for free Udemy courses. As the investors are moving towards this channel. It has also become the biggest hub for employers to sell their services and earn a handsome salary.

The main question is from where we can learn a particular skill to sell it to a different business. This blog has been written just for you to tell you about Udemy and how to free course download. You only need to learn it till the end because it will enable you to explore the list of best Udemy courses that will be profitable for you to get more productive outcomes.

Let’s get started and explore the learning method step by step,

What is Udemy?

It is the biggest online learning platform of the time with almost 46 million users from different regions of the world. Udemy is not a new learning platform but it is also the oldest platform. From this platform, you can learn a skill in more than 20 different categories.

Every category has multiple sub-categories with which you can define your interest and start learning. Due to its advanced course outline, you will get guaranteed outcomes if you have learned properly and practiced as per the given requirements.

The only problem is that Udemy is offering paid course enrollments only. It means you can’t learn from it unless you have swiped your credit card to buy the course subscription. Not everyone can pay much higher prices to learn a skill.

Therefore, we have listed a procedure with which you can download free Udemy courses and learn them freely. Before that, we have a list of the best 5 Udemy courses that you must try for enjoying a better future and generating a handsome profit from your work.

5 Best free Udemy courses

  1. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
  2. Affiliate Marketing Tutorials
  3. Android Studio
  4. Shopify Tutorials
  5. SEO Masterclass A-Z

We have researched a lot in finding the list of skills that are in demand around the world. After that, we have found these courses more profitable for a learner. By learning any of the above courses, you can easily earn a handsome amount by selling them to any business or using it for your business. It will be beneficial for you to invest your time in learning these courses.

How to download free Udemy courses?

When it comes to learning free Udemy courses, the first question that comes to mind is how to download them for offline study. No doubt, you will find most of the platforms offering these courses for free but for online learning only.

But you can also find a website from where you can download Udemy courses from the list of more than 100 courses. You only need to find a website that is offering such services and start downloading any course as per your interest.

Mainly, you will find two methods through which you can get a downloaded course on your desktop. First of all, you have to search for your desired course and browse it in your browser. You will get a course outline on your screen that will let you decide whether you have to download that course or not.

If you have found your course, you can click on the download button to get the task done. This is where you will find two methods from which you have to follow the one. In the first process, you will be asked to click on the download link. It will start downloading the course on your computer or laptop within a few seconds.

In this process, you don’t have to do anything but have to make sure that your device has strong and consistent internet connectivity. On the other hand, you may be asked to submit your email. It is because the course will be shared with you via Google Drive.

So, you have to do an extra step in this regard to make the course available for offline learning. For this, you just need to open the course through your Google Drive. After doing this, you will get a download button on the top right corner of your screen.

By clicking there, you will be able to download that specific video to your device. Sometimes, you will be asked to confirm the download from a new window that has been opened on your screen. In this way, you can download any of the free Udemy courses with a few clicks and follow the above instructions.

Final Say

Whether you want to learn any skill from FreeCourseSite above list or any other, you have to follow the same procedure to download a course. It will take a while because the entire course file may vary from 1 to 2 GB. So, you have to wait for some time to get the task done and make sure that your website has an active internet connection.

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