4 Tips that Will Make You a Better PC Gamer

PC Gamer

Having fun playing video games when you’re getting beat the minute you get on a server is difficult. You can always get better at video games through practice, but the best players out there did not get there simply by playing a lot. They also picked up things from other players along the way. So, one of the first things we suggest you do if you want to get better at gaming is to hang out with better people. But there are plenty of other things that will make you better as a gamer. Here are a few of them.

Get Better Gear

If you’re playing on a desktop and you’re using generic or cheap peripherals, then you need to upgrade them right away. And, if you own a laptop and use it as your main machine or were thinking of getting one, then we suggest you go with a desktop instead. They are more peripheral friendly, and peripherals are one of the most important things for anyone who wants to play at an elite level.

The first piece of gear we suggest you get is a gaming mouse. Gaming mice are more precise and have faster reaction speeds, which is essential if you like playing FPS games and other types of games that rely on fast reactions. We do suggest that you pick up a wired one, as wireless mouses will have input delays. If you’re looking for a good mouse, then you should check out these Lenovo gaming mice.

Used Wired Internet

Most people wouldn’t understand the point of having wired internet, but wireless internet has latency issues, and low latency is very important in FPS, MMORPG, and MOBA games. So, if you want to get the best performance from your internet and want to reduce lag, then switch to a wired modem right now.

Play Practice Games

There are plenty of mini-games that will help you practice things like aim and movement in FPS games or managing inventory in RPG games. Games like 3D Aim Trainer can help you improve your aim fast and games like Tiny Rails and plenty of others will help you with inventory.

Choose Games You Enjoy Playing

This might seem obvious, but you have to pick games that will allow you to have fun. And by this, we mean games that will be more for your level.

If you are playing FPS games then it wouldn’t be the best idea to start with games with complex party systems like Overwatch, for instance. A game like Valorant would be a much better choice here. If you like MOBAs, a game like Heroes of the Storm or Smite might be better than a game like League of Legends. Inform yourself about which games are the most beginner-friendly and become good at them before you move up to more difficult titles.

These are all things that will help you become better at PC games. But if we were to give you one piece of advice, it would be for you to get more involved in the community so you can get information from as many sources as possible.

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