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10 Things I Wish I’d known about Fitness 5 Years Ago


Just like everything else in life, fitness, too, is a journey that keeps evolving with time. There are some things I have learned in my journey that would have made the whole thing more enjoyable and effortless.

So, here are 10 things I wish I’d known about Fitness 5 years ago that would have eased the process:

Find a fitness routine that you love

Although all exercises are good and effective, finding a fitness routine I loved would have been a complete game-changer back then. The reason why is when I first started, exercising was a chore, and having a routine that I did not like made everything so much harder. With a fitness routine that I loved, staying consistent would just come easily.

It’s okay to take a day off

When I first started working out, I had this misconception that I need to work out every day, 7 times a week for the whole year. Now, staying consistent is important to see long-term progress but it doesn’t mean you need to be in the gym every day. Taking a day off would is not only important for your mental and emotional health but a necessity for your body to recover.

Diet is King

Exercising makes up only 20 percent of our health, diet, though, makes up 80 percent. Diet is the true king of leading a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat is the fiber of your body’s existence, thus, it is important to ensure you’re providing it with the strongest nutrition possible. So not only are you helping your body recover but also have energy for your everyday life. Including health supplements from a trusted online supplement store also helped me in this area.

Warm up before, and stretch afterward

Getting right to working out can be extremely harmful to you. Without warming up before workouts and stretching afterward, you automatically increase the chances of getting injuries. These two things are extremely important to ensure you’re getting ineffective workouts because otherwise, your body won’t perform that well. Stretching afterward allows your muscles and body to relax.

Make Sure You’re Eating Enough Food

Since a large portion of the population starts working out to lose weight, a common mistake I see many makes, including me, is cutting back too much on food. Some people do it to the verge of starving. If you are genuinely interested in living a healthy life, you should know this approach is counterproductive. Eating adequate amounts of food supports the body and all its processes.

A Longer Workout Doesn’t Equal A Better Workout

As I started taking care of my health, I used to spend hours after hours in the gym working out. I, like a lot of people, used to think that to be fit, I need to work out for a long period. This is but a myth. An effective workout helps you do all the exercises necessary in a given day to achieve your long-term results.

Don’t Underestimate the Power Of The Mind-Muscle Connection

If you are working out mindlessly like I did when I had just worked out, chances are you’re probably not focusing on the muscle you’re working on out in a particular exercise. When you start doing the opposite i.e. utilizing the mind-muscle connection, the results are much quicker. Simply because your mind truly recognizes the muscle being exercised.

Be Careful About Who You Follow On Social Media

Social media is extremely healthy for people who look good from every angle. These people have chiseled abs, completely toned bodies, and a perfect physique. When you are on your fitness journey, seeing such unrealistic forms of the human body can put unnecessary mental pressure on you. Not only that, but some of these people also give out health advice that is poorly formed and might do more harm than good.

You can’t ignore what’s happening on the inside

A lot of people work out simply to look out and there is nothing bad about it but to truly live a healthy life, you also need to keep in count your insides. This not only means ensuring that all your body processes like digestion, sleeping patterns, blood circulation, and more are running smoothly but also making sure that you feel good. Both your emotional health and mental health are just as important as your physical one and must be honored as such.

Make your goals achievable

The biggest amateur mistake I see people make, including myself, is having extreme goals from the get-go. Although it is great to aim high, having realistic goals is extremely important. It is simply so that you don’t give up too soon and keep working out sustainably.

Now I want to hear from you!

Knowing the above-mentioned things would have helped me cut back on a lot of pain but I’m still grateful I got to learn these lessons one way or another. What are some of the lessons you wish you had known earlier in your fitness journey? Can’t wait to hear about your experiences.

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