10 Most Iconic Car Colors as Per Cars

iconic car colors

The automotive colors during the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War 2 were somber, reflecting the mood of that time. After peace and prosperity were restored, cars with bright candy iconic car colors became popular ever since the colors played a major role in describing the mood of the era. 

Not only this, but gender also plays a crucial role in color preference. Men are more likely to choose yellow-colored cars than women, and women prefer teal-colored cars more often than men. Irrespective of gender, some colors like white, black, gray, and silver account for most of the vehicles on the road. 

Automotive paintwork is a simple task! Pick the color you like the best and get the best color on your car! Cars and their iconic car colors have been a thing for a long time now. Customers have paid close attention to this detail that adds to the car’s beauty. Some cars have even become ‘icons.’ Thanks to the car manufacturers who created them! 

On top of everything, car lovers have their favorite shades to choose from. Sports car lovers often search for pastel-colored cars. Sometimes, we even associate automobile manufacturers with certain colors. For example, when picturing cars like Ferrari, you cannot help but think of the distinct shade of Rosso Corsa Red. 

We have discussed some of the most distinct and legendary shades of cars in the automobile industry.

  1. Ferrari, Rosso Corsa

It will be unfair not to mention Ferrari’s iconic red color at the top of the list. It is undoubtedly the most iconic color ever painted on a car. Rosso Corsa is made for the Ferrari turning every head as you drive down the city. Choose any other color of Ferrari, and you are bound to invite 100s of questions to your decision! In short, it is like a holy color of the Ferrari, and even the customers won’t bargain on that.

  1. Chevrolet, Hugger Orange

Muscle and pony cars have no shortage of iconic colors, and Hugger Orange is the very best on the list. Hugger Orange is a clean, non-metallic, yellow-shade orange that makes it stand out from all the other cars. Hugger Orange is GM’s version of the classic racing orange found on the Z28s, Corvettes, and many other GM classic muscle cars of the ’60s and ’70s. Hugger Orange ’69 Chevy Camaro is the best car and color in combination!

  1. Aston Martin, Silver Birch

Silver has been a trend for a long time now! Aston Martin left an indelible imprint on the people’s minds ever since its debut in the 1964 James Bond film “Goldfinger.” The combination of Aston Martin DB5 and Silver Birch paintwork has been a stunning one ever since the first two were introduced. And eventually, it became cooler with the Aston Martin DB9 GT, the most elegant expression of the sports grand tourer. Aston Martin is one of the most emblematic and beautiful English cars ever made.

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  1. Porsche, Guards Red

Guards Red is one of the most popular colors of all time. It has been the chosen color for a long time, and it appears that in 1960, 50% or more of the 911s and 944s sold in North America were Guards Red. The sight of Guards Red 911 is a difficult thing to beat as it is the most iconic image of the 1980s. Guards Red is a bright red shade that isn’t a bright red shade but rather a tint of orange, much like the earlier colors of strawberry red or signal red. However, Porsche in the shade Guards Red is the reason for its high popularity. 

  1. Dodge, Sublime

Sublime has been highly impactful and has been on hiatus ever since 2015. Sublime is a heritage-inspired color and returned in 2019 for the Challenger T/A for the first time since 1970. Such enthusiastic color gives customers the way to make their muscle cars even more unique and compels them to appreciate the legendary car performance. The sublime color brings a sense of performance nostalgia and powerful bursts of high-impact paint iconic car colors to highways across the country. It will tempt you to bag one of your own!

  1. BMW, Estoril Blue

Colors have an enormous impact on how we perceive the world around us. Everyone has their favorite color, and paint finishes play a major role in shaping the image of a car. Paint finishes define the way we see and remember a car. Colors like Estoril Blue of the BMW have become so iconic that it vividly expresses the character of the respective model. Estoril Blue Metallic has captured the hearts of many. The cool and elegant effect of the color resembles the deep blue surface of the Atlantic Ocean and blends completely with the deep blue sky above the BMW’s racetrack. Estoril blue did a great job showcasing the BMW’s flair for design!

  1. Renault Liquid Yellow

The liquid yellow color has always been amusing, changing under different light colors. Since this color is iridescent, it gives a shimmery effect and pops out in the sun. When under artificial light, it reflects a green-like hue, and under any neutral light, the car emits a brilliant yellow in the shade of golden. It is one of the most vibrant car colors and a perfect match if you love something funky! Renault’s liquid yellow makes it distinct from the other yellow automotive paints. The best part is that it is not obvious or that extreme a shade of yellow. It is eye-catchy, lightweight, and makes your car stand out from the rest in a crowd!

  1. Audi, Nardo Gray

The famous classic color of the Audi, Nardo Gray, has been an iconic automotive paint shade. It is a darker shade of gray that dominates the car lines stealthy way. Though many recent cars are seen in the loud and pastel colors, this shade is the cooler and an exceptional one! Nardo gray has managed to look perfect on Audi, and even though it may not be eye-catching to some, it may leave an impression on the minds of the black and gray color lovers. If you want to get those people whispering about your car, park your car amongst the supercars and see how it draws the most comments!

  1. Ford, Ultimate Green

If you ask anyone about the cars they saw on the road, the first thing they will identify them with is their colors. Ford’s extreme and loud paint color, Ultimate Green, is offensively bright to attract the attention of any passerby. It is perfect for an aggressive and well-designed machine like the Mk2 Focus RS. Car lovers are passionate about such colors as it is trendy and a shade to obsess over this summer!

  1. Honda, Championship White 

White has always been the top iconic car colors choice of the common people. The elegance and eliteness of the color have been the top reason for choosing the Type R-badged Honda. This simple shade of white has appealed to the audience ever since the advent of automobiles. The simplicity of this color perfectly coincides with its simple yet elegant style and comfort. White is a forgettable color on anything other than a Honda! An attractive and boldly designed car that is finely tuned in its performance invented for your everyday comfort!

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Bushra Miftah, Content Writer @ OneClickDrive, is an ardent writer and a bookworm, pursuing her PhD in English Literature. She is a Gold Medalist and has a number of University awards to her credentials.

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